Best Employee Monitoring Software

A good employee monitoring software helps keep your employees focused on their work.

And, for the most part, you can trust you employees to do that themselves. But there is always the possibility and temptation to be unproductive on company time. Whether it’s browsing Facebook, shopping online, or playing games, employee monitoring software can help you manage this behavior.

Perhaps more importantly, employee monitoring software can enhance your security system as well.

Your staff could be visiting unsafe websites or failing to apply appropriate safety protocols. Or, a disgruntled employee could intentionally do something malicious.

Some monitoring software focuses on security, while other options specialize in time tracking and productivity management. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

An employee monitoring software is a platform that tracks your employees’ work on their computers. From tracking their Internet usage (websites visited, time spent on pages, etc), to their emails, to keylogging (recording the keys they type on their keyboard), an employee monitoring software allows you to monitor their usage across a wide range of activities.

Keep in mind, this isn’t so you can be a Big Brother-type micro-manager. Rather, it’s to help ensure your company avoids any security risks and boost employee workflow.

It’s easy to let it get out of hand. Luckily, the 9 employee monitoring software that we recommend below will help you strike a good balance to help your employees, while ensuring that your business is getting the most out of their investment.

The 9 Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2021

There are a lot of different monitoring software out there. But these are the top nine best employee monitoring tools out there right now:

I’ll give you an in-depth review of each one below. We’ll cover the features, benefits, prices, and other considerations to help you find the right one for your needs.

Best Employee Monitoring Software Reviews


  • Cloud control
  • Block social media usage
  • Real-time activity
  • Instant alerts
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SentryPC has a diverse range of monitoring software. In addition to businesses, they offer solutions for schools, homes, and families.

For businesses, SentryPC will show you exactly how your employees are using computers and Internet access at work. You can use this tool to block social media usage, news websites, games, messenger apps, and more.

The benefits of SentryPC can be segmented into three main categories—activity monitoring, time management, and content filtering.

Top features of this software include:

  • Cloud control
  • Real-time activity
  • Visual charts
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • User management
  • Instant alerts
  • Free updates

Compared to some of the other options on the market today, SentryPC is also extremely easy to use. You don’t need an IT team or anything like that to get started, which is why it’s such a popular choice for small to mid-sized businesses.

Here’s an overview of the pricing:

  • Basic Plan — $59.95 per year (single license)
  • Business 50 — $995 per year (50 licenses)
  • Business 100 — $1,595 per year (100 licenses)
  • Business 250 — $2,995 per year (250 licenses)
  • Business 500 — $3,995 per year (500 licenses)
  • Business 1,000 — $4,995 per year (1,000 licenses)

As you can see, the cost per license decreases based on the size of your team. There’s a plan for small businesses, large organizations, and everything in between.

Time Doctor

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Productivity alerts &ampl metrics
  • No long-term contracts
  • Integrates with other tools
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More than 83,000 companies trust Time Doctor for employee monitoring. It’s used by big brands like Allstate, Verizon, Home Depot, and Survey Monkey.

Time Doctor integrates with other tools and software that you’re already using. Some of the top integrations include Salesforce, Trello, Slack, Asana, Teamwork, Basecamp, and Freshdesk.

As the name implies, Time Doctor specializes in time tracking to enhance employee productivity.

Your staff will get pop-up alerts when they are unproductive or visit websites that are unrelated to work. Each employee will get a daily report on their productivity metrics so they can make adjustments on their own.

Supervisors and managers will also be able to tell which employees are the most productive and which ones are slacking off.

Top features available from Time Doctor include:

  • Chat monitoring
  • Screenshots
  • Time tracking
  • Web and app usage
  • Off-track reminders
  • Webcam shots
  • Break tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • Time tracking for clients and projects

You’ll have the ability to customize certain features for specific employees based on their position.

Pricing starts at $12 per month per user. The price per user is discounted based on the size of your team. No long-term contracts are required, and you can cancel at any time. You can try Time Doctor for free with a 14-day trial.


  • Starts at $12.50/mo per device
  • cloud-based software
  • Records and tracks
  • Customize productivity reports
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Veriato ranks high on our list of employee monitoring tools because it has everything and anything you could ask for in this space.

They offer cloud-based employee monitoring software that records and tracks the following activity like:

  • Screenshots
  • Website interaction
  • Email
  • File movement
  • App usage
  • Instant messages and chats
  • Network access
  • Keylogger
  • Uploads and downloads
  • Social media usage
  • Printer tracking
  • USB devices
  • Web searches

It’s easy for you to customize productivity reports. You can even set up real-time alerts for when an employee tries to visit a restricted website or download a flagged program.

Any business can use Veriato. You don’t need to have an IT infrastructure in place for it to work.

In addition to the standard employee monitoring software, Veriato has other tools for security. You can get employee investigation software. This can be used to document activity for something like a nondisclosure or non-compete violations.

Corporate data theft, misconduct, and compliance violations can all be caught and recorded using this software. You can silently deploy it on both Mac and Windows devices without anyone’s knowledge.

Veriato offers AI-driven threat detection as well. The software will automatically watch all employee activity and analyze those actions using big data and AI.

Security teams will automatically be alerted if a potential threat is detected.

Pricing for employee monitoring from Veriato starts at $12.50 per device per month. You can test it out first with a free trial.


  • Free forever plan
  • Upgrade for $7.20/mo/user
  • Measure employee productivity
  • Improve inefficient workflows
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ActivTrak is a cloud-native employee monitoring tool that specializes in measuring employee productivity.

The software analyzes all workplace activity from each employee. You’ll get reports that will help you identify your hardest-working staff, as well as workers who are unproductive. ActivTrak will show you each employee’s level of engagement. The software will alert you if an employee is at risk of becoming disengaged.

ActivTrak is an excellent way to improve any inefficient workflows.

You can see the steps that employees go through to complete tasks in real-time. It allows you to set benchmark times for certain tasks as well.

Some of the top features and benefits of ActivTrak include:

  • Website blocking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Video playback
  • Screenshot flagging
  • Risk scoring
  • USB tracking
  • Activity alarms
  • Screen playback options
  • Remote installation

All of this can be managed with the easy-to-use dashboard. ActivTrak’s pricing is transparent and affordable.

They offer a free forever plan that’s available for up to three users. It includes all of the software’s core features.

For those of you who have larger teams and want access to advanced features, you’ll pay just $7.20 per user per month. All contracts are billed on an annual basis.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Manage a remote workforce
  • GPS & time tracking
  • Detailed reports
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Hubstaff is an ideal choice for those of you who are managing a remote workforce. Keeping your staff engaged and on-task when they aren’t in the office can be a challenge, but this software helps hold them accountable.

Some of the top features of Hubstaff employee monitoring include:

  • Time tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Online timesheets
  • GPS tracking
  • Productivity measurement
  • Detailed reports

It’s commonly used in industries like cleaning, construction, consulting, real estate, health care, agency, professional services, and freelance.

Hubstaff integrates with popular tools like Asana, Trello, Zoho, Insightly, Liquid Planner, Basecamp, and other software that you’re already using.

With Hubstaff, you can track URL and app activity. The software lets you monitor work in progress with optional screenshots. You’ll be able to view employee activity levels based on keyboard and mouse usage on each device.

Hubstaff has a mobile app that allows you to track usage on the go. You’ll have access to detailed reports and real-time activity from the palm of your hand.

The geofencing and GPS monitoring help you get a deeper understanding of when your team arrives or leaves a remote location. This holds them accountable and eliminates the need for manual time-punching.

Hubstaff has four different plans:

  • Free — $0 forever (for 1 user)
  • Basic — $7 per month per user
  • Premium — $10 per month per user
  • Enterprise — $20 per month per user

All of the paid plans are available for a 14-day free trial. You can get two months free if you sign up for an annual contract instead of a month-to-month plan.


  • Monitor employee productivity
  • Website blocking & filtering
  • Session recordings
  • Insider threat protection
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InterGuard is a top employee monitoring solution for businesses that want to beef up security. The top features can be segmented into four major categories:

Monitor Employee Productivity

  • Real-time computer activity
  • Productivity measurement
  • Measure idle time
  • Manage remote workers

Insider Threat Protection

  • Prevent data loss
  • Restrict access to high-risk websites, attachments, USBs, and programs
  • Alerts for suspicious activity
  • Remote incident response

Website Blocking and Filtering

  • Cloud control
  • Detailed search activity and reports
  • Advanced blocking
  • Role-based and group policies

Investigations and Compliance

  • Internal investigations
  • HIPAA, PCI, CIPA, etc. regulations
  • Session recordings
  • Screenshots

For those of you who give employees access to sensitive data, InterGuard will be a top solution for you to consider. The software is designed to not only prevent suspicious or fraudulent activity but also actively respond to threatening situations.

InterGuard has exfiltration management. So you can block or report any sensitive data from being sent via email and web forms. This works both on or off network, which is ideal for remote staff. All of the policies can be customized.

The software also has a feature for remote file deletion. If a laptop containing sensitive files is stolen, you can remotely delete any files or folders.

InterGuard has endpoint lockdown, which allows you to take complete control of a user’s computer or laptop during a potential breach. You can delete files, retrieve files, and lockdown the endpoint.

Pricing starts at $9 per month per user with an annual contract for the cloud-hosted version of InterGuard. To install the software in your data center, you’ll need to get a quote for an enterprise solution.


  • 7-day free trial
  • User activity monitoring
  • Insider threat prevention
  • Data loss prevention
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Teramind is a top employee monitoring solution for large organizations and enterprises. More than 2,000 businesses trust Tamarind for employee monitoring, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention.

Common industries that can benefit from this software include technology, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, energy, finance, legal, and government.

Here’s an overview of Teramind’s best features and capabilities:

  • User behavior analytics
  • Employee monitoring
  • Insider threat prevention
  • Data loss prevention
  • User activity monitoring
  • Audit and compliance

Tamarind has specific solutions for things like remote employee monitoring and vendor access management. You can give vendors restricted access to network use and view all activity.

Both cloud and on-premise solutions are available. But enterprises will likely lean toward the on-premise software.

The pricing for both cloud and on-premise software is:

  • Starter — $60 per month per endpoint
  • UAM — $125 per month per endpoint
  • DLP — $150 per month per endpoint

There is a minimum of five endpoints for a cloud plan and a minimum of ten for on-site plans. Cloud plans are available for a 7-day free trial. Businesses interested in an on-premise plan can get a 14-day free trial.

Get two months free with any plan if you commit to an annual contract.


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Block actions & access
  • Performance monitoring
  • Data loss prevention
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StaffCop is another option to accommodate businesses of all different shapes and sizes. The standard plan monitors up to 100 computers in the same network, and the enterprise plan monitors up to 25,000 computers.

Some of the top features for StaffCop Standard include:

  • Screenshot recording
  • Keystroke logging
  • Social network monitoring
  • Encoded traffic monitoring
  • Instant message and chat monitoring
  • Search keyword tracking
  • File and folder monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Skype tracking
  • Website monitoring

You can block actions and access to specific websites, applications, or devices (like USB storage).

StaffCop provides real-time monitoring, performance monitoring, and data loss prevention. It’s also designed to help increase employee motivation in the workplace.

As an all-in-one solution for monitoring and security, StaffCop is a top solution for small business owners. Here’s a look at some of the prices that fall in the small business range:

  • 1 computer — $43
  • 2-20 computers — $39 per computer
  • 21-50 computers — $36 per computer
  • 51-100 computers — $34 per computer

StaffCop software is offered as a license. So you won’t pay a monthly or annual rate.

Any updates within the first year of buying the software is free. The software will continue to work after one year, but you’ll need to pay if you want the latest updates.

Work Examiner

  • 30-day free trial
  • Cloud-based software
  • Website tracking
  • Real-time screen capture
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Work Examiner has employee monitoring solutions for on-site staff as well as your remote workforce. Although the cloud-based software is issued by a third-party provider—Controlio.

I found this a bit strange, so I’d stick with the on-premise software. For those of you interested in monitoring remote employees, use Hubstaff (reviewed earlier).

With Work Examiner, you’ll benefit from the following top features:

  • Website tracking
  • Real-time screen capture
  • Recorded screen capture
  • Web filtering
  • PC tracking
  • Email monitoring and data leak prevention
  • Keylogging
  • Instant message monitoring

One of my favorite features of Work Examiner is the current activity monitor. From a single dashboard, you can see what everyone is doing at a given moment. You’ll know what applications they are using and see their current active window.

If a computer is not active, you’ll know exactly how long that user has been away from the screen.

Similar to StaffCop, Work Examiner is also a license based on the number of devices you want to monitor. You can try Work Examiner free for 30 days, which is the best free trial that I’ve seen in this industry. 30 days is more than enough time to determine if you’re happy with how it works, so it’s definitely worth trying out.

How to Choose the Best Employee Monitoring Software For Your Business

How can you find the best employee monitoring software for your company? There are several different factors that should influence your decision.

This is our methodology. You can use it to narrow down your options.

Business Size

How many employees or devices do you need to monitor? Some software is made for teams of just five or ten, while other software is best for businesses with hundreds or thousands of employees.

The location of your staff is important as well. While on-premises software is sensible for in-person teams, you’ll need a cloud solution to monitor remote workers.

Pricing Structure

Each company offers different pricing for their software . Some charge you a monthly or annual subscription fee. Others license the software.

A license is typically good for one year. You might even get free updates within that year. After the year is up, you’ll need to pay for any new updates.

Licenses could be more appealing for small businesses that just want to pay a one-time fee. Just know that you won’t have the latest versions if you don’t pay to update your software. But it will continue to work.


The features are the most important part of an employee monitoring solution. This really comes down to why you want employee monitoring software in the first place.

Do you want to restrict certain websites and applications for computers on your network? Or do you want to track and record what your employees are doing online?

Are you looking for employee monitoring that boosts productivity? Or do you need software that specializes in security?

These are the types of questions that you need to ask yourself. Some software offers an all-in-one solution, but that won’t be necessary if you’re just interested in one feature set.

Ease of Use

Not every business has an IT team or internal security department. Small business owners will likely be managing employee monitoring software on their own.

You’ll need to make sure that the software is easy to use and deploy. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose that you’re looking for.

Most solutions offer a free trial or even a free forever plan with a limited number of devices. I’d recommend trying a demo or trial for any software before you buy.


What’s the best employee monitoring software? It depends on what you’re looking for. Here’s a quick recap of the solutions we reviewed in this guide:

From small businesses to enterprises and everything in between, there’s an employee monitoring solution for everyone on this list.

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