SmartStart Review

While most applicant tracking software options require paid plans, SmartStart is free to use for up to 10 active job listings at a time.  This free software is a game-changer for smaller businesses, nonprofits, and businesses looking to scale back their hiring budgets.  And while SmartStart is free, it still offers plenty of helpful featuresContinue reading

Best International Payroll Services

With remote work becoming the new normal, companies across all industries are expanding their workforces to global markets. The ease of digital communication allows organizations to work with employees and contractors in different countries, often for inexpensive labor.  But not every payroll solution supports cross-border payments. Companies with employees in different countries also need toContinue reading

Best Employee Engagement Software

Keeping employees engaged and happy is a concern for every business. With high turnover rates and declining employee productivity an ongoing issue, companies large and small find it difficult to retain their staff. One way savvy business owners manage the issue is with employee engagement software. This helpful tool allows you to measure employee satisfactionContinue reading

Gusto Review

The benefits of payroll software speak for themselves, but the price tag can be limiting, especially for small businesses. Gusto offers some of the most affordable plans on the market and transparent pricing. You even get a generous serving of HR features to complement your payroll processing. Is Gusto the payroll service for you? HowContinue reading

Recruiterbox Review

Recruiterbox is recruitment software primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.  It offers a helpful bulk candidate upload tool and a highly customizable hiring process that distinguishes itself from competitors. Other top features include automated report deliveries, Slack integration, and an open API (application programming interface) for increased access. The customer service team, consisting ofContinue reading

Paychex Review

Paychex offers an all-in-one, highly customizable online payroll service and HR solution. It includes payroll, HR, business insurance, attendance tracking, payment processing, and employee benefits.  Users can find tax credits and ensure regulatory compliance with help from Paychex experts and guides. Paychex has solutions for solopreneurs all the way to large corporations in multiple industries.  But isContinue reading

Recooty Review

Recooty is the most effortless recruiting software on the market today, making it ideal for small businesses. Its intuitive design makes it perfect for everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned recruiting pros. But don’t let Recooty’s simplicity fool you. It is great at what it does and trusted by over 4,000 brands like Uber, Trello,Continue reading

BambooHR Review

BambooHR is designed to make the hiring process easier, from posting a job to onboarding new employees.  With the ability to easily share job posts to job boards and a centralized hub to keep your staff updated on the hiring process, this platform saves time while also helping to ensure that the process moves smoothly. Continue reading

Greenhouse Review

Applicant tracking software (ATS) saves your HR team lots of time sorting candidates and moving them through the hiring and onboarding process. Greenhouse is specifically designed to make applicant tracking more manageable and efficient with its suite of recruiting and onboarding tools. Plus, its onboarding features provide a one-of-a-kind experience for new hires that otherContinue reading