QuickBooks Payroll Review

QuickBooks Payroll is a byproduct of Intuit and is the number one payroll service provider on the market today. QuickBooks Payroll is the perfect solution for small teams or solopreneurs that want a valuable payroll service without unnecessary costs.  With additional features like time tracking and tax penalty protection, QuickBooks Payroll allows you to createContinue reading

Paylocity Review

Paylocity is an online payroll and HR service that helps to simplify the payment processes of any-sized business in any industry. Paylocity goes beyond traditional software by combining payroll and HR, creating an all-in-one solution with functions in workforce management, talent, and benefits. Paylocity offers flexible solutions with top-tier support, making it easy to automateContinue reading

Background Check For Employment Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

Make sound hiring decisions with Intelius, the best background check company for most businesses. Start your 7-day trial at a discounted rate of only $0.95. Considering the candidate’s background is a no-brainer before making any personnel hiring decisions. It isn’t illegal to do a background check to find out about a person’s work history, education,Continue reading

5 Strategies for Employee Availability Forms

As a manager, scheduling employee shifts is likely one of your most tedious and time-consuming tasks. That’s where employee availability forms come into the picture. These forms are a vital asset for any business employing shift workers. Considering how time-intensive planning employee work schedules are, the clear and concise format of employee availability forms bringsContinue reading

Bimonthly vs. Biweekly Pay: 7 Key Differences

Many businesses use biweekly or bimonthly payroll cycles to compensate their employees. For the most part, employees get paid twice a month with both methods, but each has several key differences that determine if it works well in a given company or industry. Bimonthly and biweekly payments differ mainly in their payroll processing timing. However,Continue reading

Sterling Background Check Review

Sterling is a background check company specializing in criminal history checks, identity verifications, and drug and health screenings. Completing more than 95 million background checks annually, Sterling ensures that you can build a foundation of trust and safety among your employees in any industry with its overall accuracy. Sterling offers a comprehensive background check solutionContinue reading

Paycor Review

Paycor is a payroll processing provider that serves more than 2.3 million users. Paycor modernizes the HR process with automated and flexible tools and combines them with best-in-class implementation tactics that ensure a seamless software transition.  With additional products in talent management, workforce management, and benefits administration, Paycor can become an all-in-one provider for allContinue reading

7 Examples of Professional Development Goals

Setting actionable professional development goals is invaluable for career progression. However, these goals impact many more areas of your professional life, including increasing productivity, clarifying your career path, improving job satisfaction, and becoming a better employee. Of course, the professional development goals you choose depend on your career aspirations. You can identify reasonable individual goalsContinue reading

Intelius Review

Intelius is an online public data source that makes it easy for anyone to find and look up information about people. The platform provides services for background checks, public records searches, reverse phone lookups, reverse address lookups, and criminal records searches. The average person can use Intelius to find information about a friend, old classmate,Continue reading

SmartStart Review

While most applicant tracking software options require paid plans, SmartStart is free to use for up to 10 active job listings at a time.  This free software is a game-changer for smaller businesses, nonprofits, and businesses looking to scale back their hiring budgets.  And while SmartStart is free, it still offers plenty of helpful featuresContinue reading

Compare The Best International Payroll Services

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best international payroll service for most people is Papaya Global or Rippling. Not every payroll solution supports cross-border payments. Companies with employees in different countries must also understand payroll compliance and tax laws in multiple jurisdictions.  The best international payroll services make it easy for any businessContinue reading