iSolved Time Review

iSolved Time is a time and attendance system that makes managing and processing your employee hours easier. iSolved Time offers powerful features and a quick setup to get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

With extensive time tracking, flexible scheduling, and physical time clocks, iSolved Time can replace tedious tracking methods and transform the way you run your growing business. 

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iSolved Time Compared

iSolved Time made our top list as one of the best platforms for growing businesses. However, the best time and attendance system for most people is Rippling because of its built-in payroll solution and exceptional automation features. Sign up for Rippling and get a free custom quote today

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About iSolved Time

iSolved Time made it onto our top list as the best platform for growing businesses because of its cloud-based system and flexible options. Whether you need to manage your employees’ hours better or make the solution between tracking and processing easier—iSolved Time can handle it all with ease.

iSolved Time offers a range of physical time clocks with biometric technology to help you track time in any workplace environment. But iSolved Time also has a separate all-in-one human capital management (HCM) solution for enterprise-level businesses that need extensive features combined with HR and payroll, talent acquisition, and workforce and talent management.

iSolved Time Health and Stability

iSolved Time was founded in 1986 and is currently headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Because iSolved Time is a privately held company, it only has one public investor, Accel-KKR, who has participated in one funding round. 

As of today, iSolved Time employs more than 1,000 people across the United States. With a 4.1-star rating on Glassdoor, iSolved Time employees are happy with the company’s supportive and diverse work culture. 

iSolved Time Pricing

iSolved Time doesn’t currently disclose pricing on its website, but after extensive research, we found a few valuable resources that give more insight into how iSolved Time prices its services.

iSolved Time Pricing Structure

From the research we conducted, iSolved Time supposedly structures its pricing on a per-employee-per-month basis, with a minimum monthly base fee. Even though iSolved Time doesn’t disclose pricing on its website, you can still request a free quote. 

iSolved Time bases your custom quote on several factors, including your business’ preferred collection methods, if you have remote employees, and how many employees you have at the time of the request. 

iSolved Time Pricing Comparison

After extensive research, we found that iSolved Time’s pricing supposedly starts at $4 per user per month, with an additional monthly minimum base fee of $80. However, keep in mind that iSolved also has a separate HCM software with different pricing. Unfortunately, that’s as much as we have gathered about iSolved Time’s pricing, so you will have to request a quote for more transparency. 

Based on the information we found, iSolved Time is certainly on the more inexpensive side of time and attendance systems when compared to its competitors per user per month fees only. For example, Rippling and QuickBooks start at $8 per user per month, with QuickBooks having a significantly inexpensive base fee of $10 compared to iSolved Time’s supposed $80. 

On the other hand, OnTheClock starts at a low rate of $3.50 per user per month, whereas uAttend starts at $22 per month for between one and nine users. 

iSolved Time Trials and Guarantees

iSolved Time doesn’t offer any free trials or free versions of its system. However, you can request a free quote and create a customizable pricing plan to suit your business needs. 

iSolved Time’s Time and Attendance System Review

Compared to other time and attendance systems, iSolved Time stands out for its extensive time-tracking capabilities and its wide range of physical time clocks for employees in any workplace. iSolved Time is the perfect solution for small to mid-sized businesses hoping to grow in their respective industries. 

iSolved Time can help improve your time management and scheduling processes with its powerful functionalities. To read more about iSolved Time’s competitors and how they stack up against each other, check out our top picks for time and attendance systems

What Makes iSolved Time’s Time and Attendance System Great

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iSolved Time helps you collect, manage, and process your employee hours with ease.
  • Adaptable time tracking: iSolved Time uses the latest technology to help you collect and process your employee’s hours easily. With its incredibly adaptable and extensive time-tracking functionality, you can support multiple locations and time collection options without outsourcing tracking software. As a cloud-based application, you can have peace of mind that all your time card data and comp time is stored securely, which saves you time and money in the long run. 
  • Flexible scheduling: Whether you need to build employee schedules, monitor attendance, or compare schedules with time worked, iSolved Time allows you to do this with its flexible scheduling feature. With a time card screen summary, you can see the actual hours worked at a glance, with associated alerts of any changes made. iSolved Time also offers configurable attendance rules, so you can define rules and include as many shifts as you like within your configuration. And its flexibility doesn’t stop there, as you can utilize its drag-and-drop tool to make it easier to assign shifts and modify your schedule that you can view by day, week, two weeks, four weeks, or six weeks. 
  • ACA compliance: iSolved Time’s technology will help your business remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With determination testing and look-back reporting, you can determine if your company qualifies for ACA calculations to satisfy the requirements for payroll-based journal reporting. iSolved Time’s ACA compliance can also help you avoid paying government penalties and ensure that your full-time employees are working the right amount of hours to continue receiving their benefits. 
  • Physical time clocks: If you prefer to use physical time clocks to collect employee time, iSolved Time has a decent range of touch screens, USB, Ethernet, plug-and-play, and touch-and-go time clocks to choose from. You can choose between NXG or Velocity models with traditional swipe cards, proximity readers, key code entry, or biometric access with finger scanning, which prevents buddy punching and time theft. iSolved Time’s clocks come with different features, including multiple reader options, visual and audio feedback, punch screens, battery backups, and an intuitive user interface.
  • Employee self-service: Self-service doesn’t have to be difficult, and with iSolved Time it isn’t. With iSolved Time’s employee self-service functionality, your employees can clock in and out directly through their web browser. Employees can also use the self-service function to view schedules and accruals from the graphic time card view and send requests to different departments. Employees can also view their tax information and update their details at any point. 

Where iSolved Time’s Time and Attendance System Falls Short

Screenshot of's time and attendance web page with human capital management dashboard and time card example data.
iSolved Time’s dashboard makes it easy to track your employees’ time.
  • Lackluster mobile app: iSolved Time currently offers a mobile app called iSolved Timeforce. The app aims to help iSolved Time users manage their hours on the go. However, the app has a 2.8-star rating on the Google Play store, with hundreds of users complaining about login trouble, lackluster functionality, and unreliable performance that made clocking in and tracking time prohibitively difficult.
  • Subpar support: While iSolved Time does offer access to extensive user guides and glossaries on top of its live chat support, many users have claimed that its customer service is still slow. Some users have even switched to a different time and attendance provider based on the long response times. However, a decent amount of users claimed that while the support was slow, most of the company’s representatives were kind and patient. 
  • Zero integrations: Unfortunately, if you want to enhance the current iSolved Time platform, you will need to upgrade to iSolved’s HCM all-in-one solution, as it does not offer any integration marketplace or additional add-ons to make it more functional for its users. While this may not be a huge deal for some individuals, it’s still not ideal for users to pay full price for software they may not fully utilize. 

iSolved Time Time and Attendance System Compared

While iSolved Time provides its users with extensive and flexible time-tracking features, the best time and attendance system is Rippling because of its all-in-one HR solution. 

Final Verdict

iSolved Time is an excellent time and attendance system for growing businesses. With adaptable time tracking and flexible functionalities, like scheduling and employee self-service, iSolved Time can help you collect and process employee time with ease.

With over 20 years in the industry and 1,000 employees across the United States, iSolved Time is incredibly reliable. We recommend iSolved Time to any business needing accurate and easy time-tracking capabilities. 

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