SPI 322: How “The Rideshare Guy” Created a Business Helping Uber and Lyft Drivers

The other day I asked my Uber driver if he’d ever heard of a guy named Harry Campbell. “Isn’t that The Rideshare Guy?” he asked. And that’s exactly who we have on the podcast today!
Harry is the creator of TheRidshareGuy.c…

SPI 315: How to Disrupt Yourself & Grow a Company with Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson is one of the Top 50 leading business thinkers in the world, according to Thinkers50. She’s an expert in disruptive innovation and personal disruption, and she’s here today to help us learn how to grow our businesses and und…

SPI 312: This “Hole” Can Cost Entrepreneurs Thousands—Let’s Fix It

Today’s guest is Casey Graham, the founder of Gravy, a company that’s filling a huge hole for businesses. The thing is, a lot of people don’t even know that hole exists.
It takes a lot of effort to go back and recover failed payments….