The Essential Guide to Video Call Recording

With distributed workforces the norm, incorporating video into communications with colleagues and customers isn’t just a nicety anymore–it’s a necessity. Recording the most important of these video calls helps you preserve information that can later be reviewed and shared with colleagues, customers, and even prospects. In this guide, I’ll show you how easy it isContinue reading

Best EDI Software

Collaborating businesses need a way to exchange electronic business documents securely and automatically. Electronic data interchange (EDI) software solves this problem by allowing partners to digitally exchange documents like invoices, purchase orders, and receipts.  In addition to electronic document exchange, EDI software can help businesses save time and costs, reduce errors, connect with new partners,Continue reading

Best Medical Software

Medical practices need software that reduces time wasted on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on serving their patients. Medical software accomplishes this by providing tools for billing, telemedicine, patient experiences, analytics, digitized paperwork, and more, all in one platform. It helps to know which software best fits your practice, so I’ve created aContinue reading