VOIP Speed Test

VoIP phone systems offer tons of advantages, especially for business use. Cost savings, scalability, usability, and an overall boost in efficiency are among the top noteworthy highlights. With that said, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) solutions are reliant on a stable connection. If your connection is unreliable, it’s going to impact the quality of yourContinue reading

Non-Fixed VOIP

People rarely answer calls from phone numbers they don’t recognize. But individuals are four times more likely to pick up the phone from an unrecognized caller if there’s a local number on the caller ID. As a business operating from a single call center with prospects all over the country, establishing a local presence canContinue reading

How to Get a 800 Toll Free Phone Number

Dream big, they say. For a business owner, it doesn’t get bigger than going global. Having firms in different cities and countries has always been an entrepreneur’s ultimate dream. But dreaming big does have its fair share of challenges, too. Topping the list of challenges is ensuring the continued engagement of customers—local and international—with yourContinue reading

Best VOIP Call Recording

Call recording has become a useful tool for success in the business world. There are plenty of reasons and potential use cases for VoIP call recording software. VoIP call recording software is helpful for compliance and managing disputes with customers. It’s also ideal for training purposes and quality management with phone support agents. I’ve evenContinue reading

Best Cloud Based Phone Systems

Cloud phones have quickly become the modern solution for business communications. Using VOIP technology, cloud-based phone systems eliminate outdated and expensive hardware while still allowing users to make and receive calls from anywhere. This is particularly useful in a world where so many people work remotely. Instead of being tied to a desk with aContinue reading

Best Construction Project Management Software

Construction jobs typically involve multiple contractors and businesses working on a single project. With so many moving parts, staying organized can be challenging. Failure to keep things orderly can result in projects going over budget, running past deadlines, and other complications. The complexity of managing construction jobs is even more difficult when a company isContinue reading