The Beginners Guide to Payroll Audits

Running payroll affects employee morale and reflects on an organization’s financial stability and reputation. And while there shouldn’t be any room for error, several things can go wrong. You may input numbers incorrectly, forget to remove a terminated employee from your payroll, or fail to add an employer’s recent pay raise. Carrying out a payrollContinue reading

Best Online Incorporation Services

Historically, incorporating a business has been a time-consuming and expensive process. Business owners had to hire attorneys, fill out complicated paperwork, and wait months before their legal entity was officially formed. But not everyone has thousands of dollars laying around to hire a lawyer, and most people aren’t comfortable filing incorporation paperwork on their own.Continue reading

How to Do a Background Check Before Hiring

Bad hires are every company’s worst nightmare. Not only do they waste the company’s resources but also jeopardize the safety of employees and customers. To borrow from an old saying, “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch.” Unfortunately, these bad apples escape most hiring professionals’ scrutiny by lying on their resumes. A better way toContinue reading

ClickMeeting Review

Are you looking for a conference call service that gives you the tools to host webinars and give presentations? If so, ClickMeeting could be exactly what you’re looking for. ClickMeeting is different from competitors in the conference call services niche. This software was mainly created for hosting meetings and webinars. Therefore, it places extreme importanceContinue reading

How to Create a CRM System

CRM software has become a must-have tool for most businesses today. But some of the existing CRM solutions on the market just aren’t quite suitable for large businesses with complex needs. That’s why so many large organizations and enterprises are choosing to build a custom CRM from scratch, in-house. If you’re interested in building aContinue reading