Compare the Best Online Backup Services

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best online backup service for most people is IDrive and Backblaze.

Finding a reliable online backup service for business or professional use isn’t a choice to be made lightly. If and when the worst occurs—hardware failure or accidental deletion—the peace of mind that comes with a secure online backup is invaluable.

However, finding the right online service that lets you back up all your data in a remote location is a challenging task, especially with so many online backup options out there. Today, we’ll look at the best online backup services you can rely on to protect your business data.

The Top 5 Best Online Backup Services

Let’s look at why we chose these five backup services over their competitors.

IDrive — Best for Unlimited Devices

  • Back up from unlimited devices
  • Fully automated backup process
  • Save files locally and in the cloud
  • Convenient iOS and Android apps
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IDrive supports online backups for (nearly) unlimited platforms and servers and is easily accessible from Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. You can back up all the databases and servers for as many computers and mobile devices as you want.

It’s this versatility and flexibility that makes IDrive my top choice for the best online backup services.

IDrive home page

You get an easily manageable dashboard with a simple interface that lets you see how much storage you have left. Use search options to find files and set up backup intervals. As IDrive’s backup process is automated, your data will be ready to back up as soon as you create an account. You also have the option to change the setting and choose the folders you want to back up first.

The tool provides several excellent backup features at reasonable prices, complete with great security and privacy. Upload speeds are fast and it gives you a generous file-syncing option that lets you mail in a full drive instead of wasting time uploading data.

Thanks to IDrive‘s block-level algorithm, you don’t have to waste any bandwidth reloading entire files when only specific parts have changed. Mobile apps on both Android and iOS let you back up your mobile devices, too.

Admittedly, the baseline 250 GB storage may not be sufficient for every user, but the hybrid backup support that lets you save files locally more than makes up for it. You can be selective about which files head for the cloud and which stay nearby. The tool also keeps old copies of each file forever, but you’ll have to mind the storage caps.

If you’re looking for a full-featured, user-friendly online backup option that can work with a wide range of platforms and servers, IDrive is your best option.


IDrive pricing chart

Currently, IDrive offers four plans starting from $3.71 for 100 GB of storage. A free plan is also available if you’re content with 10 GB of storage.

Backblaze — Best for Unlimited Cloud Storage

  • No limits on file size or bandwidth
  • Strong security features
  • All services included in all plans
  • One simple pricing model
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If IDrive’s full set of advanced features and settings sounds too intimidating, Backblaze‘s simplicity and straightforward approach to online backups could be exactly what you need.

For starters, the tool has no limits on capacity, bandwidth, or file size. You also don’t have to browse multiple service levels to figure out the right plan for your needs—Backblaze Business is a single plan that offers unlimited backup space for one computer device, available at a flat annual rate.

Backblaze home page

Next, the backup process is also simple, with the service backing up all your data, regardless of whether it’s on an external drive attached to a PC or a USB key, followed by individual files as and when you update it. You can then access all your data via Backblaze’s user-friendly web interface or mobile app.

Backblaze provides decent features on the security front, too.

Top-notch encryption and anti-theft (records the IP address of your computer when it connects) give you greater peace of mind regarding your data’s security. Other features include file versioning, where your file changes get stored for four weeks, and handy central management tools that lets you assign users to separate groups for custom billing and view details about backup status.

Overall, Backblaze delivers solid mid-range online backup performance that’s adequate for most purposes. Complete with built-in support for the service’s B2 cloud backup, you’re assured of the best bang for your buck.


Backblaze pricing

Backblaze has a unique pricing plan based on the duration. For instance, the Monthly plan costs $7 a month, the Yearly plan $70 for the whole year, and the Bi-Annual plan costs $130 every two years.

A 15-day free trial is also available.

Carbonite — Best for Beginner-Level Users

  • Intuitive, user-friendly dashboard
  • Unlimited storage
  • Autosaves open docs during backups
  • Starts at $6 per user per month
Try for 15 days free

With a simple and streamlined process and unlimited storage, Carbonite is a minimalist online backup solution that allows you to view and manage your backups from your desktop application and access your files via any browser. Backup documents, videos, photos, email, and settings from a single computer, as well as files from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Setting up involves just a few steps, making it convenient for non-tech savvy users.

Carbonite home page

The backup process is fairly quick and effective, with the platform automating most tasks. If you’re working on a document that’s in the middle of a backup, the service will automatically save the changes you make and upload new versions of the file. Carbonite also provides suggestions to protect specific files and folders.

Another thing that I like about this online backup service is its intuitive, feature-rich dashboard that lets you track the backup process for all your devices. It always keeps you in the loop about which files have been fully, partly, or yet to be backed up.

Carbonite uses multiple encryption technologies, including TLS during transfer and 128-bit Blowfish when stored, to offer excellent security.


Carbonite pricing

Carbonite offers three different plans to meet your backup needs starting at $6 a month for 1-3 computers, billed annually.

Opt for a 15-day free trial to test-drive features.

Acronis True Image — Best for Advanced Security

  • Real-time antivirus scanning
  • Specific ransomware protection
  • Videoconferencing protection included
  • Online backup in two different plans
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While Acronis True Image is a great solution for those who want to store and backup data on their smartphones and tablets, I highly recommend it for users looking for extra protection from sophisticated cyberattacks like ransomware and other similar threats.

It offers scalable and reliable backup solutions for almost all operating systems and platforms and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Acronis True Image home page

Admittedly, Acronis True Image doesn’t have the same speeds or file sizes as some of the other cloud backup services on my list, but the fact that it offers various security-focused features that do an excellent job at keeping your information safe makes it a worthy option.

For example, in addition to real-time anti-malware and antivirus scanning, Acronis True Image also provides anti-ransomware protection. You get to choose where in the world your data gets stored, with locations including privacy-friendly countries (example: Switzerland).

Videoconferencing protections for popular platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are another benefit for the security-conscious.

You can access all these features from the user-friendly cybersecurity dashboard that also provides information on your overall stored files and folders while showing your cybersecurity metrics. Quarantining potential threats if you suspect a file or folder directly from the dashboard is also possible.


Acronis True Image pricing

While Acronis True Image offers three plans, only two of them—Advanced and Premium—offer online backup.

The Advanced plan costs $89.99 per year for one computer and includes 500 GB of cloud storage, while the Premium plan costs $124.99 per year for one computer and has 1TB of cloud storage.

pCloud — Best for Handling Video Files

  • Built-in video player
  • Cross-platform backups included
  • No downloads necessary to open files
  • Lifetime subscriptions available
Get 10GB free storage with signup

Compared to other options on this list, pCloud only recently started offering an online backup service. But despite this, it’s already one of the best options on the market.

Technically, pCloud isn’t a dedicated backup service but a cloud storage provider that offers backup functionality. You get a regular backup and sync service, in which all your selected files and folders get automatically backed up to the cloud and sent in real-time. Any changes you make to these documents on your device will be automatically updated in your cloud account as well.

pCloud home page

pCloud has a built-in video player that makes it easier than ever to store video files. Rather than downloading a file to your local storage to watch it, you can open the file directly from the cloud instrument to save time.

One of the differentiating factors of this online backup service is it’s built around being as hassle-free as possible. Integrate the tool into your daily workflow and use it as a virtual drive on your computer. pCloud is also one of the few online backup services that offer a lifetime subscription. While the upfront cost might be high for a few users, many prefer a lump sum and not having to worry about an ongoing subscription.

Being a cross-platform online backup service, pCloud works for desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux) and mobile devices (Android, iOS), plus it has a web app, too. The only con is the lack of online collaboration features, but if you looking for both online backup and cloud storage, you can’t do better than pCloud.


pCloud pricing

pCloud’s two annual subscription plans are priced at $49.99 for 500 GB of storage and $99.99 for 2 TB of storage. But you also make a lifetime payment of $175 and $350, respectively, for these plans.

How to Find The Best Online Backup Service for You

Choosing the best online backup service can feel overwhelming.

Not all the above options will be ideal for your business, so you need to know the methodology to narrow your focus to the 1-2 solutions that best meet your precise requirements.

Here are a few factors to consider:

Essential Features vs. Non-Essential Features

You may opt for online backup services that are packed with all kinds of basic and advanced features without realizing you’ll end up paying for unnecessary features you don’t need. Your sole focus here should be to sign up for a backup-focused service that’s easy to use and fits within your budget.

Storage Capacity

While looking for at least 1 TB of storage is a good rule of thumb, it’s important to identify your individual storage requirements. This is important because more storage typically correlates to a higher price. You’ll find services with unlimited storage for a fixed price, but it may be better for you to choose a service that gives you adequate storage and competitive pricing.

Security and Data Privacy Compliance

I’ve made a point to include online backup services that provide robust security, including top-level encryption and passwords. You can take this step further by looking for options that also provide file versioning and synchronized backups to multiple sources. Make this level of security your base standard when picking online backup services.

Additionally, most online bank providers are compliant with international data privacy laws. But it’s always a good idea to check service level agreements. GDPR, for instance, makes you responsible to ensure your vendors are compliant.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your backup if you’re online back a provider experiences a disaster?

Find out what your prospective service provider’s disaster recovery plan entails and how it will affect your ability to access your data. Critical consideration factors include understanding whether they have a customer support line and whether they have a status page to go to check the state of your backup storage.

The Best Online Backup Services in Summary

Online backup services can be your biggest lifeline when it comes to data safety and protection.

I highly recommend IDrive for online backups, especially for users that want a solution to reliably back up multiple devices. But you can always choose one of my other picks for automated backups based on your needs.

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