1. david nelson

    30 days to remove this blog or we are filing a lawsuit against msmoneyhoney aka toni
    and the site provider we promise

  2. Michael Nelson

    Toni We Know You Posted This And We Are Taking You To Court We Akso Know Your Address And Who Maintains The Site

      • That’s great. I’m happy that you’ve stated that. So, how come you are using what I consider to be deceitful marketing practices in your marketing literature? You know, you really ought to read my post again. I’ve pretty much provided a guidepost of items for you to help you improve your business model and marketing efforts. But, it’s up to you to determine whether to correct what I perceive as problematic which, in turn, justifies my conclusion. That’s totally your choice.

  3. David nelson

    I’ve been working with kids characters for 6 years and they have been very good to us I don’t know why you post negative reviews on them when you never have worked for them

  4. Tony strizich

    I don’t appreciate you calling our company a scam and our attorney will be contacting you about this blog that’s not true we are a honest business and not a scam remove this blog immediately

    • Hi there, Tony,

      Well, going by your comment, you apparently cannot read. And, if you do have an attorney, please do have him or her contact me. I stand by what I wrote. I wrote the truth from my perspective. As for the flyer, you sent it to me without my request. Therefore, I own it. It is now my personal property, and I can do with it what I please. I chose to use it to warn others. In my opinion, you, on the other hand, really “should” take a step back and re-think your whole business and marketing model. There are better ways, and more honest ways to earn a living without trickery and without trying to take incredibly unfair advantage of people who do wish to learn – specifically referring to my reader’s last comment on this subject while you and your people were on the phone with her.

      Once again, it pays to be skeptical!

  5. Ann Beal

    I received this mailing also and called, talked to Anthony who had David call me, who said Jack would call me, and he did. They want you to go in at different levels, the lowest being $2000. They told me they would accept $1000 and a payment arrangement for the balance. I told them I didn’t have that kind of money except in my PayPal credit card, but that would max me out. Jack said he would see if they can do PayPal and would call me back in 5 minutes. While I waited, I checked them out and found 4 BBB complaints. They didn’t call back until the next day. I was working the next three days and had told them that. After talking to them on Monday, I told them I didn’t want to do this as it was to risky. Jack passed me on to David who dressed me up and down for not ‘keeping my word’. He got very hostile and arrogant and told me he doesn’t want me as an ‘agent’ because I was unreliable and didn’t keep my word. He just ranted on and on until I told him now I new why he was getting bad reviews and that he was an a++hole.

    I would not do business with this company as they are no doubt a scam, or at best have a very hostile atmosphere. Save yourself a nightmare; DON’T do it!

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