Oasis PEO Review

Outsourcing payroll or using multiple software to manage human resources isn’t always enough to efficiently handle all your administrative tasks. That’s where PEO (professional employer organization) service providers come in. In the past few years, outsourcing several managerial and administrative functions to trusted PEOs has become quite common.

Oasis PEO is one of the many excellent PEO service providers available in the market today. It has a service-focused approach and provides various services like risk management, payroll, technology benefits, employee solutions, and much more.

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Oasis PEO Compared

Oasis PEO made our top list for several reasons. While it’s a great option, the best PEO service provider for most readers is Resourcing Edge because it provides customized solutions to clients. Moreover, it offers advanced technology and a single point of contact. Find out how you can empower your business with a free consultation with Resourcing Edge.

  • Resourcing Edge — Best fully customized PEO services
  • Paychex Oasis — Best industry-specific PEO solutions for startups
  • Amplify PEO — Best HR technology suite with PEO services
  • Insperity — Best support for small businesses with simple health plan needs
  • Paychex — Best for outsourcing payroll and tax compliance
  • ADP TotalSource — Best 401(k) plans for midsize organizations
  • Justworks — Best for businesses hiring at scale
  • PapayaGlobal — Best global PEO company
  • VensureHR — Best for businesses with less than 50 employees
  • TriNet — Best health benefit options for SMBs

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About Oasis PEO

Oasis PEO offers a range of professional employee organization services that include multiple touchpoints with your company. It assigns a payroll accountant and an HR generalist to your account. This hands-on approach has helped Oasis win many clients over the years. Moreover, it equips you with the tools needed to invest in your workforce, from hiring to retirement. Since its acquisition by Paychex, Oasis has leveraged Paychex’s network and technologies. It has ultimately increased the client base of its parent company by offering advanced PEO and HR outsourcing services.

It also offers industry-specific solutions targeting education, retail, private equity, financial services, and more.

Furthermore, it is an excellent fit for startups because of its versatility. Oasis PEO has a 90-day money-back guarantee window, giving small businesses plenty of time to try it and analyze whether it suits their needs.

Oasis PEO Health and Stability

Oasis PEO ceased to exist as a single company after its acquisition by Paychex in December 2018 for $1.2 billion. 

At the time of acquisition, Oasis had 8400 PEO clients and 1100 employees. Moreover, its annual revenue exceeded $9 billion in the previous year. On the other hand, Paychex had 650,000 payroll clients and 14,500 employees. After the acquisition, Paychex Oasis, as a single company, has been providing HR outsourcing services to 1.4 million worksite employees. 

In 2019, following the acquisition, Paychex was ranked 700 on the Forbes 500 list of largest corporations by revenue. The company’s total revenue in 2020 amounted to a whopping $4.1 billion.

Paychex Oasis is traded on NASDAQ as PAYX. The parent company of Oasis, Paychex, is more than 40 years old and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Therefore, Paychex Oasis is here to stay for a long time.  

Oasis Pricing

For any business to be eligible for Oasis’s PEO services, it must have at least five employees. Unlike other PEO service providers, Oasis needs you to sign a one-year-long contract. However, you can still cancel the subscription by providing a 30-day written notice. There is a chance that Oasis may charge you a small early termination fee.

As Oasis PEO offers quote-based pricing plans, you’ll have to contact their sales team to get a customized subscription plan based on your requirements and case. Once you reach out to the team, it will help you identify the exact needs of your business and correctly assess which operations need to be outsourced. The consultation is entirely free, making it ideal for small businesses.

Speak to an expert and get started today with two months of free access.

Oasis PEO Pricing Structure

For Oasis PEO, the pricing quote depends on the number of services provided in each package. Professional employer organizations keep coming up with new limited-time offers and discounts, so keep an eye out for them. Some primary services Oasis PEO offers include worker’s compensation, employee benefits, time and attendance solutions, and much more.

Its pricing structure can also vary based on the size of your organization. The larger the organization, the bigger the needs of the business. Therefore, the client gets a fair quote after a careful assessment of what the company requires. 

The final quote is based on the number of services you request. Each service provides more value to your business. You’d probably have to take most of Oasis’s services if you plan to outsource administrative and HR tasks. You can request a discount for a bundle of services. 

Oasis PEO will help you provide and manage various employee benefits through the Paychex Flex HR platform. These benefits include vision insurance, dental plans, pooled employer plans, traditional 401(k), and health savings accounts. 

Irrespective of the number of services you decide to avail, you’ll receive full-service payroll with 24/7 support, monitoring of laws that may impact your business, and access to dedicated HR specialists and SMEs.

Oasis PEO Pricing Comparison

Oasis PEO offers many services to its clients, including large corporations and small businesses. However, there is no set pricing, and each new user has to get a price quote based on their needs. This leads to a need for more pricing transparency. 

However, that is the case with most professional employer organizations. Oasis, Resourcing Edge, Insperity, ADP TotalSource, Vensure HR, Amplify PEO, and almost all other PEOs also offer a private pricing quote instead of a public pricing list, given the nature of their work. 

However, a few PEOs like to offer free trials or discounted initial months. For example, Paychex offers three months of free payroll processing. Similarly, Papaya Global offers a 30-minute demo and gives businesses a chance to decide whether or not to move forward with this PEO. 

TriNet is unique compared to other PEOs because it requires its prospective clients to take a PEO assessment that helps them better understand the needs of their clients. Moreover, it also offers a referral reward of $10,000.   

Oasis PEO Trials and Guarantees

Oasis PEO can help your business provide employee benefits and recruit and retain top talent. Over 730.000 businesses trust Paychex Oasis. It proves that there are various benefits to outsourcing HR administration.

For expert PEO and HR support, Oasis PEO offers its services for free in the first two months. This can help users get the hang of the platform and help them decide whether they want to continue using its services. 

The company also runs different limited-time discount offers throughout the year. So, keep checking to get a higher discount for trying out their service. Moreover, you can contact the customer support service to understand the purpose and benefits of the various services on offer.

Get started today with two free months.

Oasis PEO Service Providers Review

There are several better professional employer organizations present in the market today. Those platforms outperform Oasis PEO in different aspects. However, Oasis PEO compensates for it by offering free consultations and many advanced features and services. If you are looking for a PEO with exceptional services and excellent client support, choose Oasis PEO.

Our research also suggests that Oasis PEO is ideal for small businesses and startups. It provides HR technology and service, regulatory compliance, risk management, and other crucial services required to run a business efficiently. To see how Oasis’s professional employer organization services stack up against some of its top competitors, read our comparison of the best PEO service providers.

What Makes Oasis PEO Service Provider Great

Screenshot of Oasis PEO Professional Employer Organization Services webpage
Oasis PEO is ideal for small businesses looking for extra HR support.
  • Compliance assistance: Many small businesses hire a PEO to receive guidance regarding the legalities involved in running a business. Oasis PEO thoroughly complies with financial and industry standards along with government regulations. It is accredited by the Internal Revenue Service and Employer Services Assurance Corporation. It sends you timely updates in case new legislation is introduced or changes are made to an existing one. The Oasis HR team always ensures that your business is complying with all rules and regulations and assists you in following the protocols set by EEOC, HIPAA, and OSHA. 
  • Risk management: Oasis PEO also handles worker’s compensation on behalf of its clients. It provides access to cyber liability insurance plans to protect your company from financial risks. Moreover, it offers expert help in developing safety manuals and training programs. 
  • Dedicated customer support: Oasis PEO offers one of the best customer support services among all the PEOs. Every customer is assigned an HR professional and a payroll accountant manager. The HR representative provides advice on compliance issues, and the payroll account manager assists in creating realistic paid time off policies.
  • Easy employee access: Employees are allowed to access their pay summary through an Oasis PEO portal online. They can alter direct deposit information and can also avail of employee discounts. Moreover, the Oasis portal also enables them to store important documents online.

Where Oasis PEO Service Provider Falls Short

Screenshot of Oasis PEO's features and services webpage, showing Human Resources, Employee Benefits, and Payroll Processing.
OAsis PEO offers many Notable features and services, including HR support and payroll processing.
  • No pricing transparency: The quote-based pricing offered by Oasis PEO is inconvenient because it makes it difficult to compare prices with other PEOs. Moreover, the price keeps increasing as you add more services to your plan. For example, the standard PEO services offered by Oasis are benefits administration, payroll, and HR, but if you want to access more advanced services like performance management and applicant tracking, you will be given a higher price quote.  
  • Dated interface: Oasis’s interface is not the best in the market compared to other PEO platforms. A support screen is available to contact the help desk and get issues fixed. However, this feature can look outdated in front of PEOs offering live chat options. Moreover, Oasis’s PEO provides a document storage option but no access to online articles. 

Oasis PEO Service Provider Compared

While Oasis PEO is an excellent option, the best PEO service provider for most of our readers is Resourcing Edge because it provides customized solutions to its clients. Moreover, it offers advanced technology and a single point of contact.

  • Resourcing Edge — Best fully customized PEO services
  • Paychex Oasis — Best industry-specific PEO solutions for startups
  • Amplify PEO — Best HR technology suite with PEO services
  • Insperity — Best support for small businesses with simple health plan needs
  • Paychex — Best for outsourcing payroll and tax compliance
  • ADP TotalSource — Best 401(k) plans for midsize organizations
  • Justworks — Best for businesses hiring at scale
  • PapayaGlobal — Best global PEO company
  • VensureHR — Best for businesses with less than 50 employees
  • TriNet — Best health benefit options for SMBs

Oasis PEO HR Outsourcing Services Review

While Oasis PEO helps solve problems related to complex HR payment cycles, other PEOs offer better services in other aspects. Even though Oasis didn’t make it to the top of our list of the comparison between the best HR outsourcing services, it did make it to the second spot. 

First of all, Oasis offers various HR outsourcing services, but it is best for its payroll services. It can handle payments for all types of workers, from a mixed workforce of contractors to full-time employees and employees who want to be paid via prepaid debit cards.  

Besides payroll, it provides retirement and insurance services, HR professionals, compliance services, and benefits administration. Oasis PEO offers a mobile app that allows businesses to track hiring and labor costs. Even companies with internal HR departments can consult Oasis to extend or improve their HR services.

Oasis PEO HR Outsourcing Services Compared

Oasis PEO offers various services, and its HR services are ranked among the top PEOs. However, it is not the leading service provider in our list of the best HR outsourcing services.

  • Rippling – Best For Saving Time on HR Tasks
  • Paychex — Best HR outsourcing for complex payment cycles
  • Insperity — Best HR outsourcing service that runs itself
  • ADP — Best HR outsourcing to handle some (or all) of your HR needs
  • TriNet — Best for big business benefits on small business budgets
  • Zenefits — Best HR platform to wrangle your current HR systems together
  • Engage PEO — Best HR outsourcing for unique compliance needs
  • G&A Partners — Best HR outsourcing for employee training and development
  • Tandem HR — Best HR outsourcing for minimizing your risk liability

Final Verdict

As a business grows, it sometimes has to outsource different HR and other operations to better focus on the rest of the company. Therefore, the various professional employer organizations are of utmost importance as they help businesses focus on their core competencies by handling administrative duties.

Paychex Oasis has been in the market for a long time and has always shown exceptional performance. It stands out from the crowd because of its unique features, timely customer support, and other valuable features. Therefore, we can conclude that Oasis PEO is here to stay for a long time.

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