Best WordPress Directory Plugin – (Review Updated For Winter of 2019)

The Internet is full of directories. In fact, your website might already be listed on some directories right now. Depending on the scenario, directories have multiple applications and use cases. For example, Yelp is a popular option for consumers to find a restaurant or service in a specified area based on their search parameters, while  [click to continue…]

Best WordPress Popup Plugin – (Review Updated For Winter of 2019)

Popups are a controversial topic, to say the least. Are they effective? Are they annoying? Do they work? Truthfully, the answer depends on who you ask. According to a study from Sumo that analyzed nearly two billion popups, the average conversion rate for a website popup is 3.09%. The top 10% of high-performing popups convert  [click to continue…]

Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress – (Review Updated for Winter of 2019)

How much do you know about your website? It may sound like a simple question, but you’d be surprised how many people aren’t able to answer it. Sure, you probably know everything about the layout, design, content, and navigation on your site. But I’m referring to your website’s performance. Here’s the thing: Unless you’re bombarded  [click to continue…]

Best WordPress Security Plugin – (Review Updated for Winter of 2019)

You wouldn’t buy a brick and mortar business without getting a lock for the front door, right? I imagine you’d probably even get an alarm system and install some cameras. These security measures are taken to prevent break-ins, from losing money, sustaining property damage, or putting sensitive information at risk. Your internet business is at  [click to continue…]

Best WordPress Backup Plugin – (Review Updated For Winter of 2019)

Imagine waking up one morning only to discover an error with your WordPress administrative dashboard. You contact your web hosting company, and they inform you that the website crashed — the handiwork of a hacker. In addition to missing out on website traffic and sales, you also lost your databases and website content. Now what? You  [click to continue…]