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Faxing seems outdated to most people, but many businesses still rely on online faxing even today. Online fax services help receive and send crucial communications from anywhere, allowing users to retrieve old faxes with a simple search. 

HelloFax provides an easy, reliable, and seamless online faxing experience. It is an ideal solution for small businesses with cloud storage needs. HelloFax is one of our top recommendations for online fax services. Read on to find out why.

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HelloFax Compared

HelloFax did make it to our top list of the best fax services. While it is an excellent option to consider, the best online fax service for the majority of our readers is RingCentral Fax because it is easy to set up and simple to use. Try its Fax 1500 Package for free to make an informed decision for your business

  • RingCentral Fax — Best overall
  • eFax — The most popular online fax service
  • Ooma — Best online fax and phone service bundle
  • MetroFax — A best mobile app for online faxing
  • Nextiva — Best standalone online fax service
  • iFax — Best enterprise fax solution
  • FAX.PLUS — Best for offices that fax occasionally
  • MyFax — Best online fax service for personal use
  • HelloFax — Best for small teams and cloud storage integration
  • FaxZero — Best for faxing a few pages
  • Sfax — Best HIPAA-compliant online fax service
  • Biscom 123 — Best email-to-fax service

For more info, read our in-depth analysis of these platforms.

About HelloFax

HelloFax offers exceptional fax services to businesses in various industries. It has a smooth and easy-to-follow user interface that even beginners can intuitively use. The unique feature that helps it stand out among the other online fax services available in the market is the cloud storage integration feature. Additionally, its teamwork feature makes it especially ideal for small business owners. 

The service works really well with OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, and Evernote. It offers users seamless access to files irrespective of where they are. 

Moreover, it has a built-in editor that makes dealing with extensions or attachments easier. The Free Plan, with five fax pages, several integrations, international coverage, and secure cloud storage, is beneficial for small businesses with limited faxing needs looking for an affordable solution. It offers a few paid plans starting at $8 per month.  

HelloFax Health and Stability

Even though HelloFax was created recently and is one of the newest companies to enter the online fax market, it has made its mark and stacks up really well against its competitors. It was founded in 2010 by Joseph Walla and was launched inside of Y Combinator but received special attention after investment from Google Ventures. The modern design of its website and the backing of Google has made HelloFax a popular and go-to company in the online fax industry. 

Another unique feature of HelloFax that helped it gain significant visibility in a short span of time is the electronic signature process. To expand its e-signature services, HelloFax launched a sister company called HelloSign. 

Previously, it claimed to be HIPAA compliant. However, in 2013 it took the claim off of its benefits pages. So, it’s unclear whether it now complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. 

Since the launch of HelloFax, its user base has continued to grow and is predicted to grow even further. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that HelloFax is here to stay for a long time as a unique online fax service. 

HelloFax Pricing

HelloFax has various pricing plans, each offering slightly different features. Unlike other online fax service providers, HelloFax groups ‘sent’ and ‘received’ faxes count together in the monthly allowance. Many users believe it is better than counting the sent and received faxes separately in a month.

HelloFax provides various payment plans, each with a different number of fax pages per month. All paid plans come with a 30-day free trial and discounted rates for annual contracts. Moreover, all its plans also offer several integrations, international coverage, secure cloud storage, and the freedom to edit and sign faxes. Each paid plan provides an additional feature at a slightly higher cost.   

Contact its sales team and learn about additional plans and features before making your final decision.

HelloFax Pricing Structure

For HelloFax, the pricing of each plan depends upon the number of features or services offered in each package. The company also has regular limited-time offers and discounts, so keep an eye out for them. Some primary services provided in all the plans include integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft Word. Not to mention, users can also edit and sign specific faxes and get cloud storage and security.   

Each pricing plan has a different fee based on the number of fax pages and the number of senders. Moreover, each progressive plan offers a few additional advanced features. Users also offered a free trial of each package before making a paid commitment.

The three paid plans offered by HelloFax include:

  • Home Office Plan costing $9 per month
  • Professional Plan costing $19 a month
  • Small Business Plan costing $39 per month

HelloFax gives a slight discount to users billed annually. If the featured services don’t fulfill the requirements of your business, you can always request a custom plan with additional benefits at a slightly higher cost. The final price quote depends on the number of services you request. Overall, each service can provide more value to your business. You may request a discount for a bundle of services. 

HelloFax also offers a Free Plan, but it is a limited plan and is only beneficial for users planning to send a five-page, one-time fax. You’ll need to invest in a Home Office Plan to access greater fax capacity and some advanced features. 

HelloFax Pricing Comparison

HelloFax offers many services to its clients, individuals or small businesses. However, its pricing plan is mid-tier, and other fax services offer similar features at a lower price or provide more features at a similar cost.

For example, Nextiva is regarded as the best stand-alone online fax service provider. Its most basic Essentials Plan costs only $10 per month on an annual payment and provides 550 fax pages. 

Almost all fax service providers offer a discounted rate on annual payments, and the discount percentage varies from platform to platform. For example, eFax and MetroFax provide a 17% discount on yearly costs for a plan.

FAX.PLUS has one of the most affordable Basic Plans, costing only $6.99 a month and providing 200 monthly fax pages and unlimited secure fax storage. MyFax offers 100 fax pages per month for $10, and it provides unlimited lifetime fax storage and 24/7 dedicated customer support.

Every service has a unique and specifically designed plan for its users. There is a considerable variation in the prices of different subscription plans offered by various services. The features provided in the Basic Plan of one platform are often different from the features offered by another platform’s Basic Plan. Therefore, the price also varies based on the number of services or features being offered.

HelloFax Trials and Guarantees

HelloFax is a strong platform with various integrations and cloud storage options. It has an easy-to-use interface that helps send occasional faxes without any problem. Many businesses trust HelloFax to fulfill their faxing needs, proving that several businesses still actively utilize fax for communication. 

HelloFax offers secure cloud storage and electronic signature in its Free Plan. It gives users the space to get the hang of the platform and helps them decide whether they want to continue using it. 

The company also runs different limited-time discount offers throughout the year. So, keep checking to get a higher discount for trying out their paid plans. Moreover, you can contact the customer support service to understand the purpose and benefits of provided services.

Get started today with a free trial.

HelloFax Online Fax Service Review

There are several better online fax service providers present in the market today. However, HelloFax is only fractionally behind them in terms of services, which it compensates for by offering a Free Plan, a one-of-a-kind electronic signature, and many other advanced features and services.

Our research also suggests that HelloFax is ideal for small teams and businesses. Enterprises can manage teams of users, convert their existing fax numbers, and utilize robust integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and similar services. To see how HelloFax’s online fax services stack up against some of its top competitors, read our comparison of the best online fax services.

What Makes HelloFax Online Fax Service Great

Screenshot from HelloFax webpage with header that says "Faxing, evolved" and descriptions of the following features: Confidential and secure, Customizable, Paperless, Access from anywhere
HelloFax provides top-notch security by ensuring your fax transmissions are encrypted and confidential.

Strong security: Technological advancement and hacking has increased the importance of software security more than ever. HelloFax fulfills this demand and provides top-notch security. It offers 256-bit AES encryption on its platform servers. 

Moreover, HelloFax doesn’t collect user data; even if it collects limited information, it doesn’t store it. It also doesn’t store the contents of the fax. It offers transport layer security that secures faxes in transit and allows users to contact customer service anytime to delete all stored data.

User-friendly interface: HelloFax has a simple and easy user interface. Its login displays a simple menu with various options allowing you to see your fax history. It also enables you to invite additional users and create a team from the dashboard in a few clicks.

Cloud storage integration: This unique feature is rarely offered by other fax services. It allows integration with cloud storage services, including Evernote, Google Drive, and DropBox. Moreover, its add-on for Google Docs makes sending a fax from within a document easier.

Where HelloFax Online Fax Service Falls Short

Screenshot from HelloFax webpage with header that says "Send and receive faxes online" with a box showing how you can add a recipient to your faxes
HelloFax’s intuitive interface makes it easy to start sending faxes today.

Limited customer service: HelloFax offers customer support over email but only during specific hours. The company’s website has excellent video guides to help users deal with any problems. However, these resources don’t compensate for the lack of phone and live chat support.

No mobile app: HelloFax doesn’t have a mobile app for either iOS or Android, and most of its competitors have an app that lets users edit, sign, send, or simply view faxes on the go. Keeping modern user expectations, a mobile app is a crucial functionality, and the lack of one can significantly reduce the usability of a company’s services. 

Lack of cover sheet customization: The fax cover sheet is a sheet of paper attached to a fax document for sharing confidential information. This sheet is used for professional purposes and mostly contains the user name, fax number, and a few other details. HelloFax doesn’t allow users to customize or edit these sheets, which is a drawback.

HelloFax Online Fax Service Compared

While HelloFax is an excellent option, the best online fax service provider for most of our readers is RingCentral Fax because it’s easy to set up, affordable, and simple to use. Moreover, it offers the feature to schedule faxes and allows users to send faxes from all types of devices.

  • RingCentral Fax — Best overall
  • eFax — The most popular online fax service
  • Ooma — Best online fax and phone service bundle
  • MetroFax — A best mobile app for online faxing
  • Nextiva — Best standalone online fax service
  • iFax — Best enterprise fax solution
  • FAX.PLUS — Best for offices that fax occasionally
  • MyFax — Best online fax service for personal use
  • HelloFax — Best for small teams and cloud storage integration
  • FaxZero — Best for faxing a few pages
  • Sfax — Best HIPAA-compliant online fax service
  • Biscom 123 — Best email-to-fax service

Final Verdict

Fax continues to be an important communication tool for many businesses today. Online fax service providers offer businesses a more convenient alternative to traditional fax machines. These services allow users to send faxes from phones, desktops, and tablets. There is an ideal fax service for the specific needs of each type of business.

HelloFax has been in the market for a relatively short time but has shown exceptional performance and potential for growth. It stands out from the crowd because of its unique features, user-friendly interface, robust security, and cloud storage integration. Therefore, HelloFax is here to stay for a long time.

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