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It’s a common notion that faxing has become obsolete. However, many businesses still rely on online faxing even today, in part because faxing takes care of some very specific aspects of business management. Online fax services facilitate receiving and sending crucial faxes from anywhere and can help retrieve old faxes with just a simple search. 

SRFax provides a smooth, secure, and HIPAA-compliant online faxing experience, ideal for healthcare providers. While it’s not in our top recommendations for online fax services, SRFax offers plenty and can be the right fit for several organizations. Read on to find out why.

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SRFax Compared

Even though SRFax is an excellent option to consider, it did not make it to our top list of the best fax services. The best online fax service for most of our readers is RingCentral Fax because it’s easy to set up and has a user-friendly interface. Try its Fax 1500 Package for free to make an informed decision for your business

  • RingCentral Fax — Best overall
  • eFax — The most popular online fax service
  • Ooma — Best online fax and phone service bundle
  • MetroFax — A best mobile app for online faxing
  • Nextiva — Best standalone online fax service
  • iFax — Best enterprise fax solution
  • FAX.PLUS — Best for offices that fax occasionally
  • MyFax — Best online fax service for personal use
  • HelloFax — Best for small teams and cloud storage integration
  • FaxZero — Best for faxing a few pages
  • Sfax — Best HIPAA-compliant online fax service
  • Biscom 123 — Best email-to-fax service

You can read the in-depth analysis of these platforms here.

About SRFax

SRFax is an excellent online fax service for many businesses. It is end-to-end encrypted and has a top-notch web interface. It also offers two-factor authentication logins that further increase its security. It is the only online fax service willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement with its users. The BAA is an important document that details the responsibilities of both parties in compliance with legal rules and regulations.

SRFax also integrates with a user’s email account, making sending a fax directly from the email inbox easier. The website is exceptionally well-designed and follows a responsive design principle. All subscription plans offered by SRFax provide unlimited storage, allow scheduling of outgoing faxes, and integration with internet fax API in your application.

With SRFax, users can keep their existing number or get a local number. It also provides one of the best 24/7 customer support, charges no hidden fees or startup fees, and allows you to cancel your plan anytime.   

SRFax Health and Stability

SRFax was launched in 2004 in British Columbia, Canada. It was the first platform to introduce email-to-fax service in a rapidly growing SaaS industry. Its selling point was its commitment to providing cyber security. Moreover, the company is also committed to delivering gold-standard customer service to all its users. 

After its creation in 2004, SRFax gained considerable attention from businesses of all sizes from different industries and in multiple locations in Canada and the US. Moreover, people working remotely from home or elsewhere also preferred using SRFax. So far, it has thousands of positive reviews from regular clients.

Since SRFax is HIPAA compliant and SSL encrypted, many medical professionals and people working in industries with sensitive information, like law firms, hospitals, and pharmacies, trust its services to communicate sensitive information.

SRFax is suitable for the healthcare industry, small businesses, and large enterprises. Ever since the creation of SRFax, its users have continued to grow and are predicted to grow even further. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that SRFax is here to stay for a long time as a secure online fax service.     

SRFax Pricing

SRFax has various pricing plans, and each plan offers some new advanced features. Unlike other online fax service providers, SRFax prioritizes security and encryption above all other features. Therefore, all its plans provide robust application security, hardware safeguards, automated backups, organizational safeguards, and more.

Based on the pricing plan, SRFax provides different fax pages per month. All paid plans allow a trial run before users commit to a plan, and a 15% discount is provided to all users on annual payments.

All paid plans offer unlimited storage, unlimited outbound users, additional fax numbers, and consolidated billing. Each paid plan offers additional fax pages and advanced features at a slightly higher cost. 

Apart from the paid plans, you can contact the sales staff to explore more features and get a custom plan made specifically to meet the needs of your business

SRFax Pricing Structure

The price of each subscription plan offered by SRFax depends upon the number of features or services offered in each package. It also keeps coming up with new limited-time offers and discounts from time to time, so keep an eye out for them. Some of the primary services provided in all the plans include unlimited storage, unlimited outbound users, multiple users with a unique fax number, and consolidated billing.

Each of its pricing plans has a different fee based on the number of fax pages and other features. Moreover, each progressive plan offers a few additional advanced features. Users can also try a free trial of each package before committing to it.

The five standard paid plans offered by HelloFax include:

  • Basic Plus Plan costs $9.95 per month
  • Standard Lite Plan costs $12.95 per month
  • Standard Plan costs $18.95 per month
  • Standard Plus Plan costs 32.95 per month
  • Customized Larger Plan has a custom quote based on the features that you avail

It gives a 15% discount to users who are billed annually. If the featured services and features don’t fulfill the requirements of your business, you can always request a custom plan with additional benefits at a higher cost. The final price quote is always based on the number of services you request. Overall, each service provides more value to your business. You can request a discount if you take a bundle of services. 

SRFax also offers separate healthcare plans as follows:

  • Healthcare Lite Plan costs $10.95 a month
  • Healthcare Basic Plan costs $13.95 a month
  • Healthcare Basic Plus Plan costs $19.95 a month
  • Healthcare Standard Plan costs $35.95 a month
  • Custom Plans has a customized fee per month based on availed services

The healthcare plans are specifically designed to fulfill the faxing needs of physicians, healthcare workers, and medical facilities.

SRFax Pricing Comparison

SRFax offers many services to its clients, be they healthcare facilities or other small businesses. However, some other fax services offer similar features at a lower price or provide more features at a similar cost.

Nextiva is one such example. It is considered the best standalone online fax service provider, and its most basic Essentials Plan provides 550 fax pages at only $10 per month on an annual payment.

Almost all fax service providers offer a discounted rate on annual payments, and each service provider offers a different discount percentage. For example, eFax and MetroFax provide a 17% discount on annual payments for a plan, but SRFax offers a 15% discount on annual payments.

FAX.PLUS offers one of the most affordable basic plans, which costs only $4.99 a month and provides 100 fax pages in addition to some other unique features. MyFax also offers 100 fax pages per month for only $10, but it also provides unlimited lifetime fax storage and 24/7 dedicated customer support.

There is a considerable variation in the prices of different subscription plans offered by various services. Every service has a unique and specifically designed plan for its users. The features offered in one platform’s basic plans often differ from those offered by another platform’s similar-looking plan. Therefore, the price also varies based on the number of services or features being offered.

SRFax Trials and Guarantees

SRFax is a secure platform with various features like a user-friendly interface and optional optical character recognition. Its easy-to-use interface makes it easier for even beginners to send faxes. Many healthcare institutes trust SRFax to fax confidential data securely. Some small businesses actively utilize fax for communication and rely on SRFax to fulfill their needs. 

Each SRFax subscription plan offers security, compliance with local data-related laws, and a free trial. Free trials can help users get the hang of the platform and decide whether they want to continue using it. However, it doesn’t offer free trials for its healthcare subscription plans.

The company also runs different limited-time discount offers throughout the year. So, keep checking to get a higher discount if you want to subscribe to a paid plan. Moreover, you can contact the customer support service to understand the purpose and benefits of various services and features being offered.

Get started today to understand how the standard plans of SRFax work.

SRFax Online Fax Service Review

There are several better online fax service providers present in the market today. Those platforms outperform SRFax in different aspects. However, SRFax is only slightly lesser than them in terms of features and quality of service. If you are on the lookout for a fax service that is highly secure and provides excellent client support, consider SRFax.

Our research also suggests that SRFax is ideal for healthcare providers. Healthcare professionals can seamlessly set up their accounts and automate the deletion of fax data after delivery to prevent leaks. To see how SRFax’s online fax services stack up against some of its top competitors, read our comparison of the best online fax services.

What Makes SRFax Online Fax Service Great

SRFax webpage with headline that says "How to Send an Email to Fax" and directions to complete Step 1 of the process
SRFax makes it easy to send a fax using your email account.
  • Responsive interface: SRFax has a simple, easy-to-use, modern and responsive interface. It has a lighter color scheme, and the website loads quickly even though it reloads whenever a new section is clicked. The menu has five main categories that further open up more sections. It is easily navigable for beginners and is loved by all users. Additionally, it offers two-factor authentication, further strengthening its security—a feature not offered by many other similar platforms.
  • Multi-step security: With technological advancement, hackers have also become sophisticated, and the importance of cyber security has increased more than ever before. SRFax fulfills this demand and provides top-notch security features, including two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption on platform servers. Moreover, it allows users to delete faxes right after sending them to protect against data leaks.
  • Affordable pricing: The pricing tiers offered by SRFax provide good value for the money invested. All plans are fairly priced based on the features and services offered. Many users believe that the services provided by this platform are pretty affordable compared to other online fax service providers. 

Where SRFax Online Fax Service Falls Short

SRFax webpage illustrating Steps 2 and 3 for how to send an email to fax
With SRFax, you can quickly send a fax in three simple steps.
  • No mobile app: Mobile apps for any service are crucial to connect with users on the go. The lack of a mobile app can significantly reduce the usability of an application. SRFax, like a few other fax service providers, doesn’t have a mobile app for iOS or Android. Whereas most of its competitors have an app that allows users to view, sign, edit, and send faxes from anywhere at any time. 
  • Lack of digital signature tools: A significant drawback of SRFax is that it doesn’t allow users to sign documents digitally. Therefore, users often have to print, sign, and then scan the documents just to put a signature on a document. The lack of digital signature tools puts it behind its competitors like HelloFax, which offers this feature.
  • International faxing fees: SRFax charges an additional fee per page to send a fax to an international destination. For example, sending a fax to someone in Norway will cost you five additional cents per page. Many users find these additional costs unfair and prefer other platforms like FAX.PLUS, which, instead of charging a fee, deducts a specific number of extra pages from the user’s monthly limit.

SRFax Online Fax Service Compared

While SRFax is an excellent option for many businesses, the best online fax service provider for most of our readers is RingCentral Fax because it’s easy to set up, affordable, and simple to use. Moreover, it offers the feature to schedule faxes and allows users to send faxes from all types of devices.

  • RingCentral Fax — Best overall
  • eFax — The most popular online fax service
  • Ooma — Best online fax and phone service bundle
  • MetroFax — A best mobile app for online faxing
  • Nextiva — Best standalone online fax service
  • iFax — Best enterprise fax solution
  • FAX.PLUS — Best for offices that fax occasionally
  • MyFax — Best online fax service for personal use
  • HelloFax — Best for small teams and cloud storage integration
  • FaxZero — Best for faxing a few pages
  • Sfax — Best HIPAA-compliant online fax service
  • Biscom 123 — Best email-to-fax service

Final Verdict

Even today, businesses require an online fax service to send and receive faxes. Online fax service providers offer businesses a more convenient alternative to traditional fax machines. They allow you to send faxes from phones, desktops, and tablets. There is an ideal fax service for every specific need of each type of business.

SRFax has been in the market since 2004 and has provided secure online fax services to several businesses. Its affordable pricing packages, robust security, and responsive interface have helped it stand out among its competitors. Therefore, SRFax is here to stay.

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