TeamViewer Alternatives and Competitors

The best TeamViewer alternative is ZohoAssist because it’s easy to use and provides unattended remote access. Save more than 15% by subscribing to one of the yearly subscription plans of ZohoAssist.

TeamViewer is a popular software for providing remote support or gaining remote access to a computer. It provides the most efficient remote support services. Though TeamViewer did make our list of the top remote support software, it is not the only or the best option for your business. 

The Quick Sprout research team researched various remote support software for hundreds of hours. After careful analysis of data and developing a criteria system, the team shortlisted a few of the best remote support software services.

The 8 Best Remote Support Software Services

The best alternative to TeamViewer is ZohoAssist, as it enables you to maintain or update any device without the presence of another person on the other end. Save more than 15% by subscribing to one of the yearly subscription plans of ZohoAssist.

Company logos for our best TeamViewer alternatives and competitors

ZohoAssist – Best for Unattended Remote Access

Company logo for ZohoAssist, one of our best TeamViewer alternatives

ZohoAssist provides unmatched capabilities to monitor and manage a device without anybody on the other end.

ZohoAssist has various diagnostic tools that keep you updated about the status of hardware, printers, software, and task management on the devices, which can be helpful when performing native system diagnostic operations. It also allows you to form groups and sort different computers according to different criteria. You can even shut down, log off, or hibernate your devices remotely. 

Moreover, you can control permission for specific teams or technicians to keep the operations of your system organized and avoid unnecessary confusion. Security features like these make ZohoAssist an unmatched remote support software service that is also easily affordable for many users. 

How ZohoAssist Compares to TeamViewer

ZohoAssist and TeamViewer both have an easy-to-use interface. However, ZohoAssist provides some additional unique features that make it a better remote support software. While TeamViewer offers more integration options, ZohoAssist provides better unattended access.

Both of these remote support software tools provide excellent customer support service.

When it comes to pricing, ZohoAssist offers more affordable pricing options than TeamViewer. ZohoAssist offers three remote support plans, namely Standard at $10 per month, Professional at $15 per month, and Enterprise at $24 per month. Additionally, separate unattended access plans are also available. You can choose the subscription plan most suitable for your needs.   

Screenshot of ZohoAssist homepage
ZohoAssist is an excellent online workplace for teams working from different locations.  

BeyondTrust – Best for Extra Security Enforcement

Company logo for BeyondTrust, one of our best TeamViewer alternatives

BeyondTrust is another secure remote support software that enables selective access for specific devices. It provides highly secure access to systems like Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, and Windows. Moreover, it has various tools that help you provide remote support either unattended or guide a customer to fix any technical issues on the other end. 

Real-time reporting tools of BeyondTrust enable you to monitor key parameters of IT support and security issues. Easy integration with password tools for permission management and team management can help analyze every log or account of the remote support cycle. These features can be really useful in the event of auditing or other compliance issues.

The several security features offered by BeyondTrust make it an optimal choice for remote support, especially for technical support teams dealing with high-profile or sensitive data. 

How BeyondTrust Compares to TeamViewer

BeyondTrust is overall easier to use than TeamViewer.While TeamViewer is ideal for small businesses, BeyondTrust is better suited for bigger enterprises. TeamViewer provides slightly better security than BeyondTrust. 

BeyondTrust is mostly used in the IT industry, education, and healthcare sector whereas TeamViewer is used mostly by businesses in the IT sector. BeyondTrust has no set Subscription plans. You can request a price quote on its website.

Screenshot of BeyondTrust webpage for managing and securing remote access for service desks and vendors
BeyondTrust helps manage secure remote access for service desks and vendors. 

AnyDesk – Best for Fast, User-friendly Remote Desktop Support

Company logo for AnyDesk, one of our best TeamViewer alternatives

AnyDesk is an ideal remote support software for app developers and others in the software business. It is an efficient remote support system that maintains quality, is high-speed, and has a user-friendly interface or management screen.

AnyDesk is the go-to remote support software for IT professionals onsite or anywhere in the world wanting to connect to a device quickly. Therefore, AnyDesk can help provide excellent customer support from a single operating location.

AnyDesk allows you to set a secure password and access your computer on the go from anywhere in the world. Moreover, its banking standard TLS 1.2 is equipped to ensure that your computer stays protected from unauthorized access. Another method used by AnyDesk for ensuring a secure connection is the use of RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption. 

Additional features offered by AnyDesk include:

  • Unlimited endpoints
  • File transfer
  • File transfer
  • On-screen whiteboard
  • Auto-discovery

At only 3 MB, AnyDesk is a light and convenient software option. Moreover, it is compatible with iOS, BSD, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.

How AnyDesk Compares to TeamViewer

AnyDesk offers faster navigation, remote desktop control, an interactive dashboard, and more. On the other hand, TeamViewer offers better security features and communication modules in comparison. 

Both support software work well in several operating systems. All types of organizations — small and large can use AnyDesk or Teamviewer. However, TeamViewer is better suited to smaller businesses. 

AnyDesk offers three subscription plans: Essentials at $9.90 per month, Performance at $19.90 per month, and Enterprise at $29.90 per month. 

Screenshot AnyDesk webpage for remote desktop software
AnyDesk allows you to complete your work at blazing fast speed from anywhere in the world.

Pulseway – Best for Personal Use 

Company logo for Pulseway, one of our best TeamViewer alternatives

Pulseway is an ideal remote support software for personal use. It allows you to monitor from two to 19 systems at once. Moreover, it also allows you to control your devices and quit processes, run windows, or hibernate your device from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, you can schedule recurring tasks to occur automatically. Automation helps save time and many IT-related tasks may run in the background without active supervision. Pulseway also offers remote plans specifically for businesses and IT teams.   

Additional features offered by Pulseway include:

  • Application programming interface
  • Activity tracking
  • Accounting integration
  • Notifications
  • Audit trail

How Pulseway Compares to TeamViewer

Pulseway is a super easy-to-use support software ideal for beginners. It allows easy integration with slack, zendesk, and other platforms. Pulseway provides 24/7 customer support, which is a feature not offered by TeamViewer. Overall, Pulseway offers plenty of more features than TeamViewer.   

In terms of pricing, Pulseway’s subscription plan starts at $32 per month. However, the price increases based on the number of endpoints or devices you connect to.

Screenshot of Pulseway webpage for remote monitoring and management that works for you
Pulseway is a modern management and monitoring tool perfect for personal use.

Mikogo – Best for Video Meetings

Company logo for Mikogo, one of our best TeamViewer alternatives

Mikogo doesn’t require any download or installation before use. It provides excellent features like chat, recording tools, interactive whiteboard functionality, playback tools, and more. All these tools are perfect for providing remote support.

It allows teams of 25 users to connect to a single computer at the same time. Moreover, it allows you to quickly switch admin roles. It makes virtual meetings super easy and allows teleconferencing in several countries. It also allows the safe transfer of data up to 200 MB.

How Mikogo Compares to TeamViewer

Mikogo offers several unique features like API, collaboration tools, video support, and other useful tools. Team viewer also offers various unique tools comparable to Mikogo. In terms of customer support, TeamViewer offers better customer support services than Mikogo. 

In terms of pricing, Mikogo allows you to join for free. However, you have to eventually pay a small fee of $15 per month to keep using it.

Screenshot of Mikogo webpage for secure video meetings made and hosted in Germany
Mikogo allows you to make secure video calls and access a device from anywhere at any time.

Join.Me – Best for Small Businesses

Company logo for Join.Me, one of our best TeamViewer alternatives

Join.Me is another excellent alternative to TeamViewer. It also allows users to share screens, record sessions, use an interactive whiteboard, and conduct online meetings. It effortlessly integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook to help in scheduling. 

Ten users can use the basic voice-over IP for free. Paid versions provide more administrative features to individual users and enterprises. It allows users to hold meetings with up to 250 participants. 

How Join.Me Compares to TeamViewer offers powerful remote support tools like web conferencing. It provides good customer support services just like TeamViewer. Moreover, Join.Me ensures that the quality of screen share remains good, providing an unmatched experience to many of its users. 

In terms of pricing, Join.Me offers different subscription plans. All of the plans are affordable and provide good value for money. The Professional plan costs $12 per month, the Business plan costs $16 per month, and the cost of the Enterprise plan can be variable. You can request the quote for the enterprise plan through Join.Me’s website. 

Screenshot of Join.Me webpage with headline that says "Best-ever virtual meetings and more"
Join.Me is perfect for virtual meetings and remote support.

VNC Connect – Best for High-Security Organizations

Company logo for VNC Connect, one of our best TeamViewer alternatives

VNC Connect is better suited to small businesses. It offers the best security features compared to any other remote support software. It employs two-factor authentication and 128-bit AES encryption to ensure maximum security. It provides high-speed cloud access, which ensures a smooth connection. 

Even though VNC Connect provides top-notch security features, it lacks web conferencing features. You can use a free trial to explore its features and conclude if it’s suitable for the needs of your business. You can also invest in a paid version to control unlimited devices. 

How VNC Connect Compares to TeamViewer

VNC Connect offers password protection to stop unauthorized users from accessing your computer. TeamViewer provides unattended access whereas VNC Connect doesn’t offer this feature. VNC Connect is easier to set up than TeamViewer. Therefore, VNC Connect can be easily used by new users with limited computer-related skills. An additional benefit of VNC Connect is that it offers a consistent user interface in different operating systems like Mac or Windows.

In terms of pricing, VNC Connect offers two plans: a device access plan that costs $3.39 per month and an instant support plan that costs $16.99 per month. Both plans provide unlimited users, full session encryption, and other features. 

Screenshot of VNC Connect home page with headline that says, "Securely access and manage any device, from anywhere"
VNC Connect ensures that you access and work from anywhere through a secure connection.

Dameware Remote Support – Best for Customer Support in the IT Industry

Company logo for Dameware Remote Support, one of our best TeamViewer alternatives

Dameware Remote Support works with an unlimited number of users. It functions in different operating systems like Linux, macOS X, or Windows. It helps make secure remote connections. Moreover, built-in admin tools help remote management to actively deliver remote support from iOS and Android devices from anywhere in the world.  

A unique feature of Dameware Remote Support is that it uses system tools to troubleshoot issues on a device instead of launching a full remote-control session. Additionally, it allows help desk integration.  

How Dameware Remote Support Compares to TeamViewer

Dameware Remote Support is easier to install and operate than TeamViewer. Both TeamViewer and Dameware remote support provide screen sharing and screen recording features. They also allow you to take important screenshots. 

Dameware has four authentication methods and offers a more secure connection than TeamViewer. One limitation of Dameware Remote Support is that it can only be installed on a Windows system. However, Dameware Remote Support offers several unique features that are not found in TeamViewer. Some of them include:

  • Centralized server
  • System management tools
  • Integration of active directory
  • Intel AMT KVM connection   

In terms of pricing and subscription plans, Dameware Remote Support is slightly pricier than TeamViewer. You can check out the price range for different packages on its website. No matter which licensing plan you choose, you get unlimited end users. 

Screenshot of Dameware Mini Remote Control webpage
Dameware Remote Support is an excellent remote support tool for IT technicians. 

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