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Although email marketing is thriving, SMS marketing has swiftly become just about as popular. TextMarks provides a simple way to send out mass text messages to generate leads, share information, or offer promotions to customers.

TextMarks assists various industries with its easy-to-use mass text marketing tool, including nonprofits, education, and healthcare. Depending on your plan, you can send unlimited messages with as many custom keywords as needed per month.

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TextMarks Compared

TextMarks did not make our top list of the best business text messaging services. SimpleTexting is our top suggestion for most businesses because of its versatility, allowing for everything from mass marketing to two-way texting. Try SimpleTexting free for 14 days.

  • SimpleTexting – Best texting service for marketing and sales
  • Textedly – Best for bulk texting
  • OpenPhone – Best for unlimited calling and texting
  • Podium – Best for text-to-pay
  • Sendinblue – Best for texting combined with email services

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About TextMarks

TextMarks is a text messaging marketing platform prioritizing mass SMS communications. It also lets businesses create text campaigns for customers to text for more information or text keywords to garner a specific SMS action from your business. 

TextMarks’ offerings are suited for businesses in a wide range of industries, like real estate or event planning. Whether you want to enhance customer communications or build a solid lead generation system, TextMarks software could bridge the gap between your business and your audience.

TextMarks Health and Stability

TextMarks Inc. is a California-based company founded in 2007. It’s holding firm in the business texting market 15 years later, although its website still appears to be that old. Still, appearances aside, TextMarks earns over $206,000 of revenue per employee, with an impressive $6.5 million of annual revenue, according to Kona Equity data

The company’s downfall is that it lacks the transparency today’s customers rely on to make sound business decisions. There’s virtually no information about TextMarks as a company on its website, including who’s behind it and how it came to be, which differs significantly from competitors like SimpleTexting and Textedly.

Still, TextMarks’ overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and solid revenue data lead us to believe that its immediate future still looks promising. However, we aren’t 100% confident that longevity will be on its side as similar services edge ahead in transparency and modernity. 

TextMarks Pricing

One thing you may notice right away about TextMarks’ pricing is that it’s significantly more expensive than other services. However, it’s also designed for high-volume texting, so you won’t find more affordable options for modest business texting needs.

Get free setup for your TextMarks plan when you buy an annual subscription. 

TextMarks Pricing Structure

TextMarks offers two prepackaged plans and one custom plan. The prepackaged plans will likely include what most businesses need, like lead captures, mass texting, and SMS marketing. The primary differences between the tiers include the number of texts and keywords allowed, customized SMS flows, premium support, and custom reporting.

Prepackaged plans cost $549 per month for 35,000 messages and 20 custom keywords or $1,099 per month for 100,000 messages and 30 custom keywords. Large businesses might opt for a custom plan if they want dedicated support and onboarding to set up their accounts and access to unlimited messages and custom keywords. 

Plans also require a $199 setup fee before activating.

Subscribers can also contact the support team if they need to purchase additional message credits or custom keywords at any time. 

TextMarks Pricing Comparison

At a minimum, TextMarks charges $549 per month, and this pricing is likely out-of-budget for many small to mid-sized companies. Other services fit better into more modest budgets, like Textedly, with its lowest-tier paid plan costing just $24 per month when billed annually.

Of course, this Textedly plan includes only 1,200 messages compared with TextMarks’ 35,000, making it best for smaller companies with intimate customer bases. Still, a Textedly plan with 30,000 messages is close to $200 less than TextMarks at $350 per month, billed annually.

Alternatively, Sendinblue has a pay-as-you-go approach that might suit some companies better. A plan gets you 1,000 text credits free per month, but you can pay for up to 10,000 more for as little as $109. These credits roll over month-by-month without expiring.

TextMarks Trials and Guarantees 

TextMarks does not currently offer a free plan or free trial to test the system before buying. However, you can request a demo by contacting the support team. 

Waive the $199 setup fee when you subscribe to an annual TextMarks contract.

TextMarks Business Text Messaging Service Review

TextMarks gives businesses plenty of ways to get information into customers’ hands through convenient texting. Instant text responses and text-for-information campaigns can help you build a solid text marketing strategy to connect with customers.

TextMarks could be a good fit for businesses with mass text marketing needs, but smaller businesses may find it too costly. Read our review of the best business text messaging services to see how TextMarks compares. 

What Makes TextMarks Business Text Messaging Service Great

TextMarks SMS API
TextMarks SMS API lets businesses send outgoing and receive incoming text messages from customers through a speedy connection.
  • Relatively smooth learning curve: TextMarks is a simple system to set up and navigate, whether you use its cloud-based platform or set up your own API. The documentation included with your subscription is easy to follow, and customer support is readily available and responsive for extra assistance if needed.
  • Customer segmentation: TextMarks allows list segmentation so that you can target specific customer groups when needed. For example, you might want to track two different marketing campaigns using two keywords to evaluate their performances for optimization purposes. Segment your customers into two lists based on who signed up with each keyword to track your text marketing with those campaigns.
  • Helpful customer service: A common theme in TextMarks reviews is the excellent customer support users receive when they need help setting up or using their service. This includes thorough explanations and walk-throughs to navigate the system if needed. TextMarks is available through multiple contact methods, too, including phone, mail, email, and social media.
  • Works with virtually any industry: Businesses that use TextMarks are in various industries, from food and beverage to senior living, proving that virtually any business can benefit from using the service to connect with their customers. According to TextMarks, internal and external communications, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare are among the top industries that use the service. 
  • Scheduled texts: Schedule texts ahead of time to send when you need them to send automatically. With this feature, you can easily plan out your mass text marketing campaigns days or weeks in advance to prepare for upcoming events and promotions you want your subscribers to know about. 
  • Options for unlimited messaging: Even with the lowest TextMarks tier, subscribers can get up to 35,000 texts and 20 custom keywords per month. However, unlimited texts are available with a custom enterprise plan, differing from other services that cap you at a maximum number of texts each month.
  • Lead generation: Businesses can use TextMarks to gather customer information for lead generation purposes through simple texting with keywords. For example, you can advertise something like, “Text ‘INFO’ to 12121 to learn more” on your business card or billboard. When someone texts this keyword to the number, an automated response can ask for additional information to capture customer data. Or, send a link via text to prompt the person to fill out a form. 
  • Automatic responses: Set automatic responders with the TextMarks auto-responder feature. When someone texts you with a specific keyword, the auto-responder sends your premade message to the texter in response to that keyword. This feature saves your team from having to personally respond to texts that the system can handle.
  • Mass texting: Whether you want to send a mass promotional text to customers or alert your team of company news or events, TextMarks’ mass texting system makes it happen. The feature allows you to send texts to a whole group or single out specific people from that group, ensuring that you only send texts to the right people. When recipients respond, they can respond only to you rather than the whole group, depending on your mass texting settings.

Where TextMarks Business Text Messaging Service Falls Short

TextMarks mass text messaging
TextMarks helps businesses create massive text campaigns to better support their customers and marketing.
  • Lacks built-in integrations: TextMarks customers can build their own API using the TextMarks platform to integrate other third-party apps and tools. However, TextMarks doesn’t include many integrations on its own. To truly customize your TextMarks experience, you’ll need to have a developer on your team who knows how to customize the SMS API to your company’s requirements.
  • No online ordering: To start using TextMarks, you must contact the sales team by emailing or calling. Currently, there’s no way to order the package you want online on your own, which could be a turn-off for company owners who know what they want and don’t want to waste time speaking with sales representatives. Also, if you run out of monthly texting credits or shortcodes and want to add some to your plan, there’s no way to do so via your online dashboard. Again, you’ll need to contact sales.
  • Not best for small businesses: Small businesses can find much more modest texting packages elsewhere than with TextMarks. This company is designed for massive texting needs, with its smallest subscription package including 35,000 messages. In contrast, alternatives allow for as little as 500 messages per month.  
  • Pricey: Because it targets significant texting needs, TextMarks’ packages are much pricier than others, with a minimum subscription of $549 per month. When compared to other services with a similar number of texts, the cost is still more than average. 
  • Outdated website: A company’s website doesn’t necessarily have an impact on how its service works. However, TextMarks largely misses the mark on having a modern, user-friendly website that’s appealing to customers. It lacks the transparency that a lot of other companies have, including skipping out on information about the company and pricing details that could help business owners decide whether it’s the right choice for them. 

TextMarks Business Text Messaging Service Compared

SimpleTexting is our top suggestion for a business text messaging service for most businesses because of its simple interface that facilitates quick and convenient customer support and connections.

  • SimpleTexting – Best texting service for marketing and sales
  • Textedly – Best for bulk texting
  • OpenPhone – Best for unlimited calling and texting
  • Podium – Best for text-to-pay
  • Sendinblue – Best for texting combined with email services

Final Verdict

TextMarks could be a possible solution for large businesses with high-demand SMS marketing and communication needs. With plans that support unlimited messages, subscribers, and keywords, you don’t need to feel limited in your marketing efforts.

With that said, expect to pay for the service. TextMarks is pricier than other options, like SimpleTexting, which offers similar features and texting packages for more affordable pricing.

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