Best VOIP Call Recording

Call recording has become a useful tool for success in the business world. There are plenty of reasons and potential use cases for VoIP call recording software. VoIP call recording software is helpful for compliance and managing disputes with customers. It’s also ideal for training purposes and quality management with phone support agents. I’ve evenContinue reading

Best Cloud Based Phone Systems

Cloud phones have quickly become the modern solution for business communications. Using VOIP technology, cloud-based phone systems eliminate outdated and expensive hardware while still allowing users to make and receive calls from anywhere. This is particularly useful in a world where so many people work remotely. Instead of being tied to a desk with aContinue reading

Best Office Chairs

If you’re spending 40+ hours per week seated at a desk, having a great office chair is crucial for both comfort and functionality. The right office chair can even boost your productivity. On the flip side, the wrong office chair can cause pain in your neck, back, hips, legs, and more. Your chair could evenContinue reading

Best Standing Desks

Any doctor or chiropractor can tell you dozens of reasons why sitting for prolonged periods of time is terrible for your health. From general muscle and joint pain to chronic diseases, the short-term and long-term effects of sitting at a desk all day are alarming, to say the least. That’s why so many people areContinue reading

My May 2017 Monthly Income Report

Welcome to my May 2017 Monthly Income Report!
There are lots of things happening in SPI land these days. Lots of investments back into the business, to be precise, but I’ll report on those in just a moment. First, for those of you who are seeing this…