Madgicx Review

Madgicx helps you manage ads for your business so you can reach your audience faster. It combines seven AdTech products at a competitive price, making it an option for businesses of all sizes. The platform can get your business results in the first two days you use it, much faster than the weeks to monthsContinue reading

Right Inbox Review

Over 250,000 professionals use Right Inbox to increase their email productivity.  Right Inbox streamlines your Gmail processes through automation, email tracking, and scheduling—so you never miss an email again. Both professionals and teams use Right Inbox to get the most out of Gmail by utilizing the robust features it offers at one of the lowestContinue reading

Biteable Review

Biteable helps you create studio-quality videos that get your brand noticed.  Its claim to fame is accessibility: It’s easy to use, and its selection of tools is robust enough that professional 10-person teams, as well as solo creators, can use it and get stellar results.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in video marketing, trying toContinue reading

ReferralCandy Review

Finding a cost-effective way to grow your ecommerce audience through word-of-mouth (that actually works!) isn’t easy.  Fortunately, that’s the exact problem ReferralCandy sets out to solve.  The number one thing that sets it apart from other referral tools floating around is that it’s a turnkey tool that guides you through the referral process without needingContinue reading

TelemetryTV Review

TelemetryTV, a digital signage software platform, makes it easy to turn any of your screens into a haven of engaging content–regardless of the industry you operate in. It stands out in the signage management field by serving an extra-wide range of industries and clients, boasting some of the highest user ratings, and having lower monthlyContinue reading

CloudTalk Review

CloudTalk’s remote cloud-based phone solution is built for call centers, sales, and support centers that need a streamlined call processing system that saves them time and keeps them productive.  CloudTalk offers a slew of call-center-friendly features that make it a must-have call center solution.  However, it’s worth diving deeper into CloudTalk’s offerings to see ifContinue reading

Mailshake Review

If you’re looking for an in-depth Mailshake review to decide if it’s the right tool for your business, this article is for you. Mailshake is a popular sales management platform for modern sales teams with over 47,000 customers worldwide. It allows you to run impactful outreach campaigns, send timely follow-up emails, and track your conversationsContinue reading

Time Doctor Review

It’s not hard to guess what Time Doctor does best by reading the name.  In the productivity space, it’s the employee time tracking software you want to have around if you’re serious about saving thousands of dollars a year in lost time.  Unlike other time tracking tools, Time Doctor is known for being highly customizableContinue reading

OctoPush Review

Are you looking for a way to strengthen your relationship with customers via mobile marketing and SMS?  If so, Octopush may be just what you’re looking for. This short message services (SMS) platform allows you to automate the process of sending messages to convert leads and build your customer relationships.  And it works to addressContinue reading

Google Hangouts Review

Google Hangouts is a free-to-use conference call service I recommend. It’s one of the most straightforward call services to set up and takes minutes to get started with—all users need is a Gmail account, which is effectively most people. On the other hand, it doesn’t provide free users with any form of customer support, andContinue reading

Webex Review

Webex is a feature-rich video conferencing solution that lets you take your online meetings to new heights. It’s accessible, as you can start using it for free today with fullscreen video options for any device. While yes, there are widely known solutions out there like Zoom, Webex ensures your online calling, messaging, and meetings happenContinue reading

ClickMeeting Review

Are you looking for a conference call service that gives you the tools to host webinars and give presentations? If so, ClickMeeting could be exactly what you’re looking for. ClickMeeting is different from competitors in the conference call services niche. This software was mainly created for hosting meetings and webinars. Therefore, it places extreme importanceContinue reading

Zoom Vs. GoToMeeting

A successful meeting depends on a reliable video conferencing platform. Zoom and GoToMeeting both rank near the top of best video conferencing services. But which is better? Both use communication technology that allows teams to access different features and hold a meeting as close to in-person as possible with so many employees working from home.Continue reading